Monday 29th March 2021.

March 29, 2021

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Sunday, that in the last 24 hours eight deaths have been reported due to Covid-19, bringing the total number to 6,100 deaths. In addition, 342 new positive cases are reported after the application of 5,923 tests, and a percentage of positivity of 5.7%. The total accumulated cases amount to 353,839. And of those 342,774 patients have recovered. The Minsa detailed that 2 new deaths from previous dates have been updated. Meanwhile, active cases total 4,965. In home isolation, 4,366 are reported, of which 4,151 are at home and 215 in hotels. There are 599 hospitalized and 508 of them are in the wards and 91 are in intensive care units. The authorities reiterated their recommendation, given the detection in Panama of the variant P1 Sars Cov-2, not to travel to any destination in South America.

This 2021, as happened last year, Holy Week will be lived “confined to our homes”, through the television screen or digital media. This was stated this Sunday, by the Metropolitan Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa, during the mass on Palm Sunday.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced, that it recognized the work of the 230 Cuban doctors who, for three months, were in the country to address the health crisis caused by Covid-19. “Our country is grateful for the Republic of Cuba for this support they provided in three months of the pandemic,” said the head of the Health Ministry, Luis Francisco Sucre.

in the last decade, “turnkey” projects were used to carry out large-scale infrastructure works, such as the Panama Metro lines. To date, the debt originated by these projects reaches 5 thousand 544 million dollars, including the two that the Laurentino Cortizo administration has already awarded under this system, in which the contractor must provide the financing to execute the contract and the State pay off the debt when receiving the work. The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) plans to execute 20 turnkey contracts, of which 11 have already been identified and three are in the bidding process.

If President Laurentino Cortizo approves Bill No. 508, which establishes the adjustments that private educational centers that teach virtual classes must make, it would put at risk about 200 investigations carried out by scientists in private universities in the country. Bill 508 was approved in the third debate on March 11. It has an article that contemplates the discounts when the classes are virtual. They will be given as follows: centers that have an annuity of $ 1,500 to $ 4,000 must give a 25% discount; from $ 800 to $ 1,499, the adjustment will be 20%, and those with an adjustment of $ 800 or less, must apply an adjustment of 10%.

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