Our Story

The Panama Broadcasting Corporation

The Panama Broadcasting Corporation was formed in May of 2006 with the intent of returning English language broadcasting to the Republic of Panama. We started by purchasing two hours of airtime on Radio Metropolis 93.5 FM at the beginning of Oct 2006. “Sunday Night at the Metropolis” was born two hours of oldies, local news and interviews.


During 2007 the PBC constructed its own digital studio enabling it to operate not just in broadcasting but also taking on more audio production. The PBC has the capability of making tailored programming for broadcasting as well as for commercial use.


In 2007 the news coverage was extended bringing in as anchor Sandra Snyder author of the bestselling book “Living in Panama” also a brand new program was introduced for January of 2008 “Person2Person” whereby we invited people to share their music and their stories with the rest of us, a program which proved to be very popular.


And to be resurrected in 2020 and will be able to be followed on our Person2Person page. We then incorporated programming with Cool FM on 89.3 with “Cool Nights” Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-10pm with a Smooth Adult Contemporary format. This finished in April of 2010 when the PBC started to produce and broadcast live from the PBC Studio “The Breakfast Show” with Gerry’D’ in conjunction with Cool FM.

“Radio, an ancient media, which is always alive!”

10 Years

We are now proud to celebrate this year (2020) ten years of the Show, and as of the 6th April 2020 The Breakfast Show will extend by one hour starting at 6am.

“Radio in times of coronavirus is a vaccine.”


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Founder Mondays to Fridays

Gerry, did broadcasting in a previous life! Working with the Royal Air Force he covered most aspects of the trade, he left the RAF and moved into the commercial world of the City of London, as a broker and trader. Keeping his interest in radio by working on hospital radio stations. As he would say, you work all your life to end up doing what you wanted to do in the first place! Co-founder of the Panama Broadcasting Corporation (holding company of The Breakfast Show) in 2006 with Richard Vizor.

Sara Solomon

Tuesdays, 9:20 am #TheFeistyFoodie

Sara Solomon is the owner of Solomon’s Deli in Panama City. Sara is with us on Tuesdays in the last hour of the program to talk, cuisine and related topics. If you are looking for the vegan and vegetarian topics you will find them, but between the hamburgers and brine fried turkey.

You can check out Solomon’s Deli right here

Andrés Clemente

Wednesdays, 8:20am #MovieTalkWithAndres

Andres Clemente and Gerry first met when performing on stage together in “Bear Claw” at the Theatre Guild of Ancon. Andres now joins us on The Breakfast Show” on Wednesdays at 8:15 to review the movies and guide us as to what to look forward to (or not) at the theaters.

Alex Neuman

Thursday, 8:20 am #TechWithDrComputer

Alex Neuman van der Hans is an IT Consultant with over 30 years experience. He’s also an accomplished national and international Public Speaker as well as host/producer of Vida Digital on Radio and TV, where he likes to talk about Technology and how it improves people’s lives.

He’s also a former CTO for the City of Panama and a frequent guest on different media across the globe.

Yazmin Quiroz

#WhatWhereAndWhen Producer, Marketing & Social media

Yazmin Quiroz the programs producer, also the voice that will greet you when you phone into the show in the mornings, fluent in English and Spanish… she can understand anyone! If you are interested in advertising with us Yaz is the one to talk to.. call us +507 223 5162 during the program or during the day. She is also a genius at Social Media looking after our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Neil Danby


Unsung hero of The Breakfast Show, co-producer Neil Danby who compiles all those Birthdays and what happened today events. Anything you want included in the program send it in and Neil will review it.

Our Partners

Cool FM is a station aimed at an adult contemporary audience, lovers of good music regardless of their socio-economic level.

Cool brings together people seeking a high content in a radio station music that is attractive to the listener and to advertisers.

Cool FM have a faithful, exclusive, audience with a high affinity to the programming.

Cuts of short duration that allows advertisers to get their message across highlighted within the programming.

Slots for our advertisers so that they reach a specific time.

COOL FM is a fully automated, digital station. This allows us to offer superior quality sound, consistency in its programming and confidence to its advertisers at the time of ordering the inclusion of trade patterns.

In addition to the technical aspect, COOL FM has contracted the services of the provider music major of United States, to ensure the provision and maintenance of the wide range of topics both jazz and pop music compatible with this format.

Our provider, that program more than 500 radio stations in similar format in the United States.U.S. collaborates also with COOL FM advising in the daily schedule of its musical rotation.