19th January 2017. Municipality Wi-Fi, Dr Computer.

January 19, 2017

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Dr Computer Alex Neuman

Dr Computer (Alex Neuman) is with me for a while at the beginning of this mornings show. We chat about a project that he is involved in with the Mayors office… Free WI-fi  at a number of the bus stops in the city. Also in the pipeline, Wi-Fi on the buses. Also safety when using open networks.

Oh yes, importantly today is…. National Popcorn day in the US.

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Yesterday, President Juan Carlos Varela said that there is “national indignation” over the Odebrecht case and acknowledged that it is “important” to know the names of alleged officials bribed by the Brazilian multinational.

The Brazilian construction company Odebrecht “must reach an agreement” with the judicial system of Panama through which they give the names of officials who received bribes and provide the evidence for the advancement of the corresponding investigations.

Yesterday, the administration’s attorney Rigoberto Gonzalez Montenegro requested ministers Roberto Roy, Mario Etchelecu and Ramón Arosemena to collaborate with the investigations carried out by the Public Ministry (MP) with regard to the Odebrecht case.

Yesterday, the Democratic Change party (CD) said in a press release that the approval of bill 245, which moved from point 38 to 7 of the agenda of the National Assembly, “clearly aims to promote impunity”.

Panama is the country with the highest economic growth in Latin America in this century. It will also be one of the most dynamic economies in the medium term. Growth between 5 percent and 5.5 percent is expected by the end of 2016, a figure not yet revealed.

The Independent Movement for Panama (Movin) considered, in a public letter addressed to the President Juan Carlos Varela, that until now the government “has not been able to protect the best interests of the country and has been unable to determine the premiums and bribes paid” by Odebrecht.

The Cabinet Council endorsed Tuesday a bill that protects personal information stored in databases.

The judge of the Electoral Court (TE) Alfredo Juncá, presented his affidavit of patrimonial assets to the Comptroller General of the Republic.

This Sunday, January 22, the first shrimp festival will be held in the community of Playa Leona, in West Panama, according to the organizers.


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