29th August 2016. R.I.P. Juan Gabriel.

August 29, 2016

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Time to celebrate good times… Austin Hess talks about the latest publication of the monthly paper “Panama Good Times.” Also a couple of tracks this morning from Juan Gabriel who passed yesterday the 29th from a heart attack.

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President Juan Carlos Varela voted yesterday in the internal elections of the Panameñista party in Pesé, Herrera.

The Public Ministry of Panama said it would provide all the information requested by the federal prosecutor of Argentina, Franco Picardi, as part of the preliminary investigation that his office follows to determine if the contract between the company Telespazio Argentina and the Ministry of Public Works of Panama (MOP) involved the payment of bribes to Ricardo Martinelli government officials.

Edwin Cárdenas, the former director of the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA), has been detained at the headquarters of the Department of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) on the orders of Fourth Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Ruth Morcillo for alleged crimes against public administration.

The Cuban immigration crisis goes on. For the past week, cubans have been arriving from Puerto Obaldia,  in the Guna Yala region, and Meteti, Darien.

Yesterday afternoon, units of the National Police arrested a taxi driver near El Chorrillo, Calle 21.

The Public Services Authority has fined the electrical distribution company Edemet $750,000 for violations that caused a forest fire in 2006.

The Ministry of Health will launch a public tender for the purchase of 35 ambulances which will be distributed to different health facilities nationwide, confirmed the head of this portfolio, Miguel Mayo.

Noting a “lack of prohibition” in the law regulating the national police, the Supreme Court has opened the possibility of a military official leading this institution.

The baseball team of Aguadulce, representative of Latin America in the Williamsport Little Leagues World Series, defeated yesterday morning the Tennessee team, winning third place in this competition.

Saturday was the big national reforestation day in Panama, which had the goal of replanting 80 hectares in more than 30 points throughout the country.


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