Friday 13th October 2023.

October 13, 2023

TGIF, … yes it is Freaky, Friday, Fun Facts. What has Ingrid got in store for us this week… Well the date today is Friday the 13th so how about Freaky Friday Fun Facts about Friday 13th ?

Yazmin takes a look at what Panama has to offer in the world of entertainment. What you can be doing, where and when you can be doing it!  A bit earlier today as Yaz has to go off to an event… And I take a rummage around to find out who, if anyone, was born on this day in music. 1941: Paul Simon is an American singer-songwriter, best known as part of the duo Simon & Garfunkel, with musical partner Art Garfunkel. Simon wrote most of the pair’s songs, including three that reached #1 on the US singles charts, “The Sound of Silence”, “Mrs. Robinson”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. In 1970, at the height of their popularity, the duo split, and Simon began a successful solo career, recording three highly-acclaimed albums over the next five years.

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