Friday 15th July 2016. Do nice things!

July 15, 2016

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Gabriel from the Visitor did not make it today… Vacation time! We take a look this morning at some good news…. it is there if you look for it, what a troubled world we live in, do good, feel good!

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The voices of various sectors of organized civil society were heard on Wednesday at various activities to demonstrate support or opposition to the proposal to include sexual education in public schools.

The outgoing administration of the University of Panama (UP) is preparing to leave a minefield for Eduardo Flores, elected rector, with strong financial implications: the mass adoption of “emeritus professors”.

The University of Panama (UP) held the bidding process for the study, design and construction of a regional center in San Miguelito for $95 million.

The Unesco gave a deadline to Panama and Costa Rica to make corrections that would keep the La Amistad International Park (PILA) on the list of World Heritage sites.

Yesterday, Camilo Alleyne and Pedro Miguel Gonzalez postulated themselves before the National Executive Committee (CEN), as candidates for president and general secretary, respectively, of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

Representatives of teachers unions have rejected government proposals submitted during a dialogue this week aimed at averting a strike called for Monday.

Minister for Canal Affairs, Roberto Roy, presented the budget of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for the fiscal year from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

From November, Copa Airlines will fly daily from the city of Rosario in Argentina to Panama. With this, rosarinos will connect on a daily basis with Central America, the Caribbean and North America, through the “Hub of the Americas” in Panama.


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