Friday 16th June 2017. Mercury a health hazard and what is happening in Panama.

June 16, 2017

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A big welcome though this morning to Rina Barba. Rina is with us to talk about the health dangers of Mercury. How do we expose ourselves to mercury, well the more common way is by eating fish. Find out more more and click here to find out how to properly dispose of your hazardous materials.

Rina Barba & Gerry

What is happening in and around Panama? Well it is that time of the week when we chat with Gabriel from “The Visitor”


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From August 13 to 18, Vice President Mike Pence will tour Central and South America, where he will visit Cartagena, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Panama City.

A group of civil organizations has questioned a ruling for the provisional dismissal of the “Buko Millonario” case, in favor of the former minister of Economy and Finance Frank De Lima; the former executive secretary of the Games Control Board Giselle Brea; and the former deputy comptroller Luis Felipe de Icaza.

After a negotiating session that lasted more than 20 hours, the Panamanian Union of Commercial Aviators (Unpac) and Copa Airlines achieved an agreement that avoided a strike slated to start yesterday.

The Urban and Household Sanitation Authority (AAUD) has imposed $13,095 in fines to companies for poor disposal of waste, according to a report from the entity.

The main consortium that carried out the works to expand the Panama Canal has claims for more than $5.8 billion, which is higher than the overall cost of the work itself, said Panama Canal Administrator Jorge Quijano.

The Government will invest $31.9 million in the rehabilitation of more than 63 kilometers of highways in Ocú and Las Minas, in Herrera.

The second heart transplant in Panama was concluded yesterday morning, said Alfredo Martiz, director general of Social Security.


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