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Thursday 17th August 2023.

August 17, 2023


Rob Getman & Gerry

Normally we would have Dr Computer with us this morning but Alex has a meeting to attend to. But in the last hour of today’s program we have Rob Getman back with us on the show, talking about Bob and Wanda the river rubbish collector.

With the slogans: “ Wanda needs your help ” and“ Let’s Build The House of Wanda ” Together, the Green Tide Association launched itsfundraising campaign for the construction and equipment of The House of Wanda, the new Interactive Environmental Center for environmental awareness in Panama that will be located in the area where theWanda Díaz water wheel.

With this center, Marea Verde strengthens itsawareness component to raise awareness in the population about howmitigate solid waste pollution in the rivers and coasts of Panama.

The objectives of La Casa de Wanda, Environmental Educational Center are:

1. Educate  visitors on the problem of pollution in the country and theworld.

  1. Form alliances with authorities, entitiesenvironmental, municipal governments, private companies and organizations international to seek joint solutions.
  2. Make visible theWanda’s operation and publicize its actual impact.

Once builtand equipped, La Casa de Wanda, Environmental Education Center, will be open forthat students, communities, scientists, companies, tourists and other groupscan receive workshops, talks, participate in activities, get to know themangrove ecosystem and see first hand the activity of the water wheel.


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