Friday 19th April 2024.

April 18, 2024


“God left things exactly as they should be: men and women.” “Coalitions and movements that promote different ideas.” “Ideas of gender and diversity that go against society and family.”

Phrases like these were heard during the incident period of the plenary session of the National Assembly , during the session this Thursday, April 18. The 2030 agenda and equal marriage , issues that have agitated the electoral campaign for the May 5 elections , are now also appearing in the Legislature.

The discussion was started by PRD member Rupilio Ábrego , substitute deputy for Benicio Robinson from Bocatoreño . “During the campaign we have seen coalitions and movements that promote ideas different from what article 56 of the Constitution says . As defenders of the family we want to ask the Panamanian population to stay away from people who go around with this idea of ​​violating the law by introducing ideas of gender, of diversity, which goes against society and the family. We must be clear about who are the ones who are carrying out this agenda,” he said, in clear reference to his colleagues on the independent bench.

Juan Diego Vásquez , independent deputy, answered . “I can’t stop talking about the crazy things and lies mentioned here. The independent bench has not presented a single bill that talks about any kind of changes like those that the substitute deputy just mentioned,” he stated.

He reminded him that he and his party (Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD)) approved Law 406 that adopted the law contract between the State and Mining Panama, a rule that the Supreme Court of Justice declared unconstitutional.

“It was that same seat and it was the same majority of deputies from his party, who approved a contract with 25 unconstitutionalities,” he reminded him. He also mentioned that he promotes a “ crazy, political and corrupt ” bill (1138) to create a district and three townships in Bocas del Toro.

In addition, he called him the “messenger” of his principal (Benicio Robinson), whom he accused of being a “coward” for not daring to go to work.

Later, Abel Beker , also from the PRD, joined the discussion. It was this Bocatoreño deputy who said: “God left things exactly as they should be: men and women.”

Both Beker and Rupilio Ábrego spoke on behalf of their party’s campaign. Beker said that the PRD will always respect the rights of families in this country. “We are going to continue defending the families of this country.” Ábrego assured that his presidential candidate (José Gabriel Gaby Carrizo) is the only one who has said “firmly” that he is going to protect the family.

The newspaper La Prensa has had access to a database with communications obtained by the National Security Council (CSN) with the Pegasus espionage system , in the last two years of Ricardo Martinelli ‘s government (2012-2014).

In this database there is documentation about the lawyer, deputy and presidential candidate Zulay Rodríguez , of a partisan, electoral and commercial political nature. At that time, Rodríguez was not a representative. She had been a substitute criminal judge, she was dedicated to the exercise of her profession, she had enrolled in the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). Then, some audios circulated with her personal conversations. She always blamed Martinelli for that, but when the former president was prosecuted for the punctures, she did not become a plaintiff or testify at trial.

Soon, La Prensa will make available to its readers an interactive database so that any interested reader can consult these documents.

Currently, Rodríguez is being prosecuted for alleged money laundering and malfeasance in the Supreme Court of Justice, for appropriating some gold bars owned by a former client named José Luis Penagos .

Rodríguez, in addition to being a presidential candidate, aspires to re-election as a representative in San Miguelito and also wants to be mayor of that district. Although she has been a member of the PRD since 2011, she is now competing for free nomination, although her candidacy as mayor is also supported by Realizing Goals (RM) , the party founded by Martinelli.

The water shortage threatens both the supply for citizens and the operation of the vital Panama Canal. Therefore, it is not surprising that two heavyweights who know about water solutions have been made visible in the electoral contest, supporting a respective candidate for the elections on May 5.

Martín Torrijos leverages himself with the figure of Alberto Alemán Zubieta, former administrator of the Canal, while Ricardo Lombana does the same through former administrator Jorge Luis Quijano.

Both campaigns know the role and muscle that these two figures represent, understanding that the Canal has always been seen as the example to follow in terms of public administration and management.

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 17, prior to the last presidential debate, both campaigns brought out their artillery to talk about the problem of water, the logistical and maritime development of the country. The speakers were, precisely, Zubieta and Quijano.

Alemán highlighted that one of the biggest problems in the capital city and Colón is the poor distribution of water, with losses of up to 47% of the total produced.

In this sense, he proposed that the operation of the water treatment plants be carried out by the Panama Canal to guarantee supply, given that production is assured.

He also emphasized the need to address legal aspects to advance concrete solutions, such as incorporating the Indio River basin into the Canal.

The current administration of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) , under the mandate of Ricaurte Catín Vásquez – in addition to the two former administrators, Zubieta and Quijano – are inclined to develop a reservoir or reservoir in the Indio River region.

Quijano, advisor to Ricardo Lombana’s campaign, emphasized the need to address the problem of the Indio River basin and the future of the Canal, recalling that since 2019 he had already warned the five presidential candidates of that time of the crisis that was brewing. was coming.

He highlighted the presidential candidate’s proposal in the logistics and maritime area. It focuses on improving infrastructure, such as the road from La Chorrera to David, especially to Santiago, which is crucial for logistics and has increased costs due to its current state.

It also contemplates improving maritime cabotage movement from Puerto Armuelles, in Chiriquí, to Vacamonte, Panama Oeste.

A person was shot and killed on Thursday, April 18, in an incident that occurred near the Santa María La Antigua University (USMA), on Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue, in Panama City. The victim, a 37-year-old man, was driving a taxi with the license plate 8T-30871.

According to preliminary reports, criminals fired shots at the victim in a precarious area known as San José, located at the back of this house of higher education. Injured, the taxi driver drove to the USMA parking lots, where he collided with a motorcyclist and other vehicles in that area.

Officials from the National Police and personnel from the 911 Unique Emergency Management System went to the scene.

No arrests have been reported related to this incident. A search operation has been activated in the surrounding areas to find those responsible for this event, which occurred at noon.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Guillermo Siuki, said that the deceased was attacked with a firearm in 2016, an incident that occurred in the San Joaquín sector.

The National Police and the Public Ministry reported that in the morning hours of this Thursday, about nine people were arrested who are allegedly related to various crimes, including homicide.

According to the authorities, 21 search procedures were carried out in the town of Veracruz (Western Panama) and of the nine people arrested, six are allegedly linked to the crime of homicide and three to attempted homicide.

In the middle of the operation, illicit substances were seized that are possibly related to micro-trafficking in the sector, the Police reported.

The detainees will be placed under the orders of the corresponding judicial authorities in the next few hours.

The director of the National Police, John Dorheim, reported that this year 24 people have been arrested in Veracruz, of which 18 are allegedly related to homicide cases.

Fher Olvera, Juan Calleros, Álex González and Sergio Vallín, members of the famous rock band Maná, will perform in Panama City on Tuesday, April 23, as part of the “México lindo y querido” tour. The concert will take place at the Rod Carew Stadium, on Centenario Street, with doors opening at 4:00 pm

Just a few days before the event, the requests of some members of the group, founded in 1986 in Guadalajara, Mexico, are known.

A bottle of Macallan 12-year-old whiskey, 15 Corona Light beers and five ice-cold non-alcoholic Heineken beers are among the requests for the dressing room of Fher, the vocalist. Additionally, a tray of organic fruits, a bunch of organic bananas, sliced ​​clean ginger, a jar of organic honey and an order of sushi are part of the request list.

As for Juan, the bassist, he has requested a tray of assorted snacks and another of assorted organic fruits. Regarding drinks, it was requested that there be bottles of water, Gatorade, frozen Corona beers, cans of Red Bull, among others, in his room.

Álex, in charge of the drums, requested a bottle of Mala Vida blanco tequila and another of Mala Vida reposado, as well as a bottle of Hendrix gin. To eat, the list details a tray of vegetables and dressing.

Guitarist Sergio has ordered a tray of sandwiches, assorted chocolates, organic fruits and bananas, as well as three packs of gum. Water bottles and soda cans of various flavors were also requested.

The legendary Panamanian rock band Los 33 will open the Maná concert in Panama. Showpro, the company in charge of producing this event, has urged attendees to arrive early to avoid traffic congestion on the roads near Rod Carew Stadium. It is recommended to arrive in a group and use one of the different transport platforms available. For this activity, free parking will be offered at Altaplaza Mall, from where round-trip transportation to Rod Carew will be offered at no cost.


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