Friday 19th February 2021.

February 19, 2021

Welcome to Friday TGIF! Today’s song challenge “A song you would sing as a duet at Karaoke”. Many thanks to all of you that have been joining in our song challenges. Remember our friends at Vale Motors are giving a free detailing of your car to the person who interacts with us the most during the week.


George Hanily Executive Director ANCON

Our guest on the phone in the last part of the program is Sn George Hanily the newly appointed Executive Director of ANCON, this is the National Association For The Conservation of Nature. We talk about the great projects that ANCON is undertaking, the threats that we face in Panama especially due to climate change. Also the need for a strong commitment to do something about recycling in Panama, this is something that is possible for us to do and make a difference but it has to come from the government down.

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