Friday 1st July 2022.

July 1, 2022


The Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Thursday, June 30, three new deaths in the last 24 hours due to covid-19. In addition, the entity updated two deaths from previous dates for a cumulative total of 8,364 deaths and a lethality that remains at the national level at 0.9%. According to the Minsa, the districts with the highest number of positive cases are In Panama, according to the Minsa, they registered 1,624 are new cases. 11,720 tests were applied and a positivity of 13.9% was registered in the country. Active cases in Panama total 15,780, of which 15,560 are in isolation and 220 hospitalized. Those who are in isolation are divided into 15,549 in their residences and 11 in the so-called hospital hotels. On the other hand, those hospitalized are 186 in the wards and 34 in intensive care units.

While food is beginning to be scarce in national markets, this Thursday, the dialogue table between the Government and agricultural producers and transporters is resumed, who request agreements on the adjustment to or freezing of fuel prices. Diego Lara, an agricultural producer from the Highlands area, confirmed that they will participate in the meeting that will take place at the headquarters of the Chiriquí Government. Lara indicated that producers and carriers from other regions of the country joined the meeting. He stressed that the first thing they are looking for is that they “give an answer in relation to the price of fuel.” This Thursday marks five days since the stoppage began. More than 20 quintals of products have not been moved to the capital, as reported. The high-level commission of the National Government is led by the Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development, Carlos Rognoni.

At 10:50 am, dump truck drivers partially opened the road to Tocumen. Due to this closure, an increase in passengers is reported on lines 1 and 2 of the Panama Metro and roadblocks on the Domingo Díaz and Transístmica roads. Earlier, a large traffic congestion was reported, which began at dawn on Thursday, June 30, in the eastern sector of the district of Panama. This, after dump truck drivers blocked the access to the South corridor, in Tocumen, which caused long lines of vehicles to form along the entire Domingo Díaz road. Many people were also forced to walk long distances to reach their destinations.

The Electoral Court (TE) confirmed the decision of the Third Administrative Electoral Court to call new partial elections for the selection of the executive secretary of the Youth of the Realizing Goals (RM) party. This Thursday, June 30, an edict was published, in which the plenary session of the TE, under the presentation of Judge Alfredo Juncá, resolved the appeal filed by Rafael Rodríguez Cortés before the decision to call partial elections for the RM youth secretariat.

The Otro Camino Movement (Moca) became this Wednesday, June 28, the ninth political group constituted in the country, so it will be able to participate in the general elections of May 2024. Through the Bulletin of the Electoral Court, the decision of the entity was known and Resolution No. 22 of June 23, 2022 was published, which recognizes the existence of Moca, which was founded by former independent presidential candidate Ricardo Lombana.

The National Authority for Public Services (ASEP) will announce today, the adjustment of the electricity rate for the second half of this year, which runs from July 1 to December 31, 2022. This means that the institution will announce the rate regime when it has already come into force. The norm establishes that the rate adjustments are in force every six months, from January 1 and July 1 of each year. To do this, ASEP must convene a public forum on the rate based on the prior information sent by the distribution companies ENSA and Naturgy.

Given the forecast of bad weather for the next few days, with the yellow alert decreed by the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), the regional directorate of the Ministry of the Environment of Chiriquí (Miambiente) temporarily suspended access to the protected areas of this province. In a statement from Miambiente it is explained that the measure is taken considering the warning about the instability of the weather in the region, due to the collateral effects of the passage of tropical cyclone two for the next few days. The restriction came into force from Wednesday morning. According to the projection issued by the Hydrometeorology Directorate of the Electric Transmission Company SA (Etesa), the cyclone would be near Panama this Friday, heading for Nicaragua, but it is warned that the effects will begin to be felt in the next few hours. “Miambiente maintains its park rangers and units of the National Ecological Police stationed in the Volcán Barú National Park, the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park, La Amistad International Park and in the Playa La Barqueta Agrícola Wildlife Refuge, to guarantee compliance with this preventive measure”, explained Krislly Quintero, regional director of the entity. Miambiente reported that the measure will be lifted when the weather conditions are favorable for hiking, which will be communicated in a timely manner.

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