Friday 20th May 2016. What’s happening with the “Visitor”

May 20, 2016

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Mango fair ends this Sunday in Rio Hato
Mango fair ends this Sunday in Rio Hato

Plenty of great music going through our three hours this morning. In the last hour of the program as we do on Fridays, we have Gabriel from the Visitor newspaper. There is always plenty happening in the City and the whole country for that matter. At Rio Hato this weekend is the culmination of the Mango fare, bash your drums at the Luna Llena de Tambores which is being held this time in Colon. Check out the events at the Bio Museo this weekend as well.


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Hours before the threat of paralyzed slaughterhouses, the government managed to stop the veterinarians’ strike on Wednesday, by unifying their salary throughout all institutions, starting at $960 monthly.

Tocumen, S.A. had to strengthen the guarantees that support its $575 million bond issue placed in the international market on May 13, to maintain the confidence of investors.

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) put together seven teams to interview the 747 candidates for the posts of judges of guarantees, trial judges, compliance judges, appeals judges, heads of court offices, public defenders and victims advocates.

On Wednesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Luis Miguel Hincapie explained to the representative of the French Government, Jean-Pierre Bel, the importance of working on equal terms to resolve differences between the two countries through diplomatic channels and advance the bilateral agenda and effective cooperation over taxation matters, without the pressure generated from being part of a discriminatory list.

The transit authority ATTT reported on Wednesday that solving the administrative appeal filed against Uber drivers could take three months.

The Ministry of Government reported that La Nueva Joya prison is still in the process of becoming occupied.

The Panamanian Association of Goodwill Industries offers people with disabilities 35 vacancies in different companies.


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