Friday 21st August 2020.

August 21, 2020


Dr Computer Alex Neuman, is with us for the last time on Friday as next week we revert back to Thursdays. Today’s topic is getting more life out of your various pieces of tech equipment. You can reinvent their purpose, e.g. turning an old cell phone into a security camera in the house, replacing batteries. For your computers upgrade your hard disc and plenty more good idea. Also external Hard Drives, if getting rid of an old computer or laptop take out the hard drives, with and external docking station you can utilize them as external drives and retain the information that you may want to access later.

In the last hour today, it is great to reconnect with Ani Eskildsen we have always chatted about Camp Wandu but this year of course things are different….  Ani  is the co-founder and owner of Camp Wandú. She has dedicated her career to children’s social emotional growth through her camps, but also through empowering staff and parents with parenting tools and self-awareness. She is very passionate about promoting the importance of these skills for future happy adult lives. During the pandemic especially, while there is no possibility to lead camps, she has focused her energy on providing a community of support for parents. She started a podcast and she will be sharing some of these tid bits of knowledge here with us today.

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