Friday 21st July 2017. What, where and when with Gabriel from the ‘Visitor’

July 21, 2017

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What, where and when in Panama, Brought to you by Gabriel from the ‘Visitor’ newspaper.

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So far this year the Ministry of Labor (Mitradel) has granted 8,000 work permits to foreigners. It has also denied 2,000 during this same period.

On July 11, the Comptroller General of the Republic endorsed the transfer of funds to the Commission of December 20, 1989, which was installed on July 20, 2016.

The Metropolitan Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa confirmed yesterday that Cinta Costera 1 will be the central site for the events of World Youth Day (WYD) Panama 2019.

In a month, approximately, the Ministry of Security will announce the tender and purchase of the equipment for the installation of the new C5: Center of Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Quality, to strengthen the city against crime.

Epidemiological records of the Social Security Fund (CSS) show that, to date, 2,719 cases of conjunctivitis have been recorded, which are distributed in Colón, San Miguelito, Panama Oeste and Panama Metro.

For the third consecutive year, a group of Panamanian students from the University of Panama (UP) and the Technological University of Panama (UTP) will be trained in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in China as part of Program “Seeds for the Future”.


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