Friday 22nd July 2016. Expo Mama and the “Visitor”

July 22, 2016

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Gerry with Claudia Tam

TGIF, yes the end of another week here on TBS. With me this morning is Claudia Tam. Claudia is here to promote the upcoming event that will be at the Albrook Mall next weekend the 30th/31st July, it is called Expo Mama and is promoting everything to support mothers and families that are planning to have a family,


those that are expecting a family and of course those that already have recen

tly started one and are looking for advice… click the pic for website.


Being Friday it is time to catch up on some of the things that are going on over the next few days with Gabriel from the Visitor newspaper, important things this morning like a visit to the different bars offering Mojito’s 21 different ones in all, or the beer tasting event, a chance to try 200 of them!

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Nearly three weeks have passed since the National Assembly convened its ordinary session on July 1, and so far no new legislation has been passed.

The Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime and the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) dismantled a network of foreigners dedicated to human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Yesterday, teachers unions voted to go on an indefinite strike. This was announced by union leader Yadira Pino, following a general assembly at the Republic of Venezuela School in Calidonia.

The working conditions of domestic workers could change in the coming months.

Colombian officials will present evidence that will be used to determine if it has abided with a World Trade Organization (WTO) decision that favored Panama in a dispute over a joint tariff imposed by Colombia on imports of footwear and textiles from the Colón Free Zone.

Panama will host the Regional Conference on the Global Initiative Against Nuclear Terrorism.

Building permits fell 8.8% in the first five months of 2016, the Office of the Comptroller General said in a recent report.

The chain of Hometek stores, dedicated to the sale of audio and video products as well as appliances, has closed its doors, the Consumer Protection Authority reported yesterday.

Tonight, the Anita Villalaz Theatre in Casco Viejo will resound with the concert of “Ryujin-Traditional Music and Dances from Okinawa”.


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