Friday 23rd September 2016. Carlos, Barolo & Barbaresco. Whats happening the “Visitor”

September 23, 2016

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Carlos Mata.

What a great way to start a Friday and get ready for the weekend. Carlos Mata our wine expert is with us for his monthly visit and today topic are the wines from the Piedmont area of Italy in particular the Barolo and Barbaresco two fine wines with plenty of character.

Another tough day at the office!
Another tough day at the office!



In the last hour is our weekly look at what we can be doing, where to go in Panama with Gabriel from the “Visitor” newspaper. Pick up your copy at most places you visit.

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Attorney General Kenia Porcell said on Wednesday that Panama has not denied information to Brazil on bank accounts related to the construction company Odebrecht.

The former Minister of Economy and Finance Frank De Lima said he fears that the funds generated by the expanded Canal will become “a piñata to fatten the state bureaucracy, instead of using them for public investment”.

The Social Security (CSS) Board of Directors will investigate Director Estivenson Giron due to alleged “deficiencies” in his management.

Deputy Miguel Fanovich introduced a bill before the National Assembly that seeks to regulate the increase of enrolment fees in private schools.

The Center of Environmental Awareness of Panama (CIAM) has requested that the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) revoke a concession granted to North Properties and require the company to reverse environmental damage it caused on a site in the waterways basin.

Torrential rains accompanied by gusty winds were registered on Wednesday afternoon in the province of Bocas del Toro. This led to the sinking of at least two boats that were docked on Isla Colon and Chiriqui Grande.

“Undoubtedly, the nature and biodiversity of Panama continues to attract scientists at the Smithsonian. Is the jewel of Panama and we have to protect it and understand it.


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