Friday 24th April 2020. April is Autism awareness month. We chat with Mrs Dabaiba of Fundacion Capaz.

April 24, 2020


In the eight O’clock segment today we chat with Mrs Dabaiba Nilipour from Fundacion Soy Capaz, that looks after adults with autism. How are they coping with the lock down? Measures that can be taken at home to to bring routine to the day. You can contact Soy Capaz at

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Thursday, April 23, that a total of 5,166 positive cases of Covid-19 were registered in Panama, 174 more cases in relation to the 4,492 infections reported yesterday.The head of Epidemiology of the Minsa, Lourdes Moreno, said that there are 1,042 patients in home isolation and hotels; 263 in the ward and 93 in the intensive care units of the different hospitals in the country.

As a consequence of complications caused by the Covid-19 virus, a collaborator of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) died this Thursday, April 23, the ACP reported in a statement.

The company Minera Panamá accepted from April 23 the Executive Decree No. 81 of March 20, which allows companies to suspend labor contracts due to the coronavirus respiratory pandemic.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) detailed this Thursday, April 23, that all regional agencies and offices will be in charge of issuing the safe conducts for producers.

The differences between the deputies of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Jairo Bolota Salazar and Kayra Harding, were accentuated Thursday, when both attended the legislative plenary, for the first time since the latter criminally denounced the former for alleged gender violence.

The National Assembly acquired 7 thousand protective masks, at a cost of $ 2.50 per unit. The total cost of the purchase, made by exceptional procedure, was $ 18 thousand when adding taxes. The masks, according to the published proposal and the purchase order, are made of polypropylene, have elastics and are “disposable”.


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