Friday 24th July 2020.

July 24, 2020

Moved from Thursdays, great to have Dr Computer (Alex Neuman) with us on the phone in the eight o’clock hour. The topic for this morning is that little box that sits in the corner and for most part ignored. But integral to our work and entertainment at home, it is the router! A lengthy topic and an in depth discussion take a listen.

In the nine o’clock hour we connect up with Jacob Silvera. A photo competition for the kids, ” We wanted to create something for the kids to do during lock down, so we decided to make an international film festival in order to incentivise positive values, creativity and unity within families.  We want the kids to have fun and also to learn, so we have created short videos of tips about how to make your movie that you can find on the website.  These include tips on writing, acting and editing.  Anyone from age 5 to 17 can participate in the festival.  We have four different age groups and an inclusive category. Registration is available now! “

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