Friday 25th May 2018. Panama fashion with Helene and Global Running Day.

May 25, 2018

Program Audio:


A chance to talk Panama Fashion with local designer and painter Helene Breebaart. We chat about Helene’s work, her fusion with traditional Panamanian ethnic art, how the local scene is developing with design being taught in the University. Also her passion for painting.

In the Last hour today it is about running we have Luis and Madeline Huerta. To tell us all about the upcoming Global Running day and also about how you can join the local running scene. check out the links to register and get more info on how you can get involved.

(Check out their Facebook Page)

News Audio:

The “politico-legal realities” have changed and there is an opportunity to create “a political alternative” to change the “course of destruction” of the country.

The Second Criminal Court opened proceedings against Mayté Pellegrini, Carlos Pellegrini Puerta and seven other people for the alleged financial crime to the detriment of the defunct brokerage firm Financial Pacific .

The  Superintendency of Banks of Panama (SBP) sanctioned Capital Bank for violations of the legal norms related to the prevention of money laundering.

An electrical power substation of the  Panama Canal Authority (ACP), located in the Howard area, caught fire yesterday morning.

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP)  reported on Thursday May 24 that the evaluation of the bridge, located at the entrance of San Antonio, on the Domingo Díaz road, to determine if it suffered any damage after a truck collided with one of its beams.

The Executive approved the prequalification document for the  Company of Transmisión Eléctrica, SA (Etesa) to select the consortiums that meet the requirements for the design, construction, financing and operation of the fourth transmission line , which will be built

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