Friday 27th May 2016. You, me and the music.

May 27, 2016

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It’s a nice relaxing end to the week for me… No guests this morning so it is you, me and the music.

We also take a rummage around the Internet for a few stories, also give a play to requests from our listeners like these two:

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On Monday, the general secretariat of the Supreme Court sent a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the extradition of former President and current member of Parlacen Ricardo Martinelli

Consortium Line 2, which is responsible for the design and construction of the second line of the Metro, confirmed that Citigroup has backed out of financing the project.

Next August 24 is the alternate date for the preliminary hearing of Mayer Mizrachi, who is under investigation for alleged embezzlement in the contract to install the Criptext platform in the devices of government security personnel.

For the third time, the Social Security Fund (CSS) has postponed the tender for the rental of 97 ambulances. In a fourth addendum to the document, the director of the institution, Estivenson Girón, set the public act for Wednesday, June 8.

A group of representatives of the city of Las Tablas, in the province of Los Santos, repealed on Tuesday afternoon the municipal agreement declaring Cerro Canajagua a protected area and national park.

On Wednesday, the government of President Juan Carlos Varela denied that it had retained more than thirty Ngäbe Bugle indigenous people amid the tension generated by the start of the temporary filling of the Barro Blanco hydroelectric plant reservoir.

The Ministry of Health has reached an agreement with the company IBT Group to resume work on four hospitals.

Panama will have the first Agricultural Excellence Center in America, which should be ready in 2017, its leaders reported.

Panama is seeking to boost the tourism industry through a public-private partnership that has brought about 150 executives together to promote the country as a travel destination.


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