Friday 30th June 2017. Bright and intelligent buildings. What, where and when in Panama.

June 30, 2017

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A welcome to the studio to Ronald Zimmer from ‘Continental Automated Buildings Association’ (CABA). Ron is here for the InterLumi fair that is on at Atlapa. We take a look at some of the innovations that are on the market and a little look into the future. Find out more by visiting CABA’s website.

Yazmin, Ron Zimmer, Gerry


It is Friday, Gabriel from “The Visitor” newspaper gets us up to speed on what to do where and when….

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Former vicepresident and businessman Felipe Pipo Virzi will appear today before the First Prosecutor against Organized Crime for an inquiry on the “New Business” case investigation.

The Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) bench at the National Assembly, made up of 26 deputies, decided to nominate deputy Carlos Motta as candidate for the presidency of the National Assembly for the next legislative period, the election of which will take place tomorrow.

The Attorney General of the Nation, Kenia Porcell, held a meeting in Panama with the Attorney General of Andorra, Alfons C. Alberca Sanvincens, and a Judge of that country, Canolic Mingorance Cairat, to discuss, among other issues, mutual collaboration in the investigations of the Odebrecht case.

The Attorney General’s Office reported yesterday that a group of German prosecutors are in Panama to hold working meetings with prosecutors against Organized Crime.

Students of the University of Panama (UP) protested peacefully in TransĂ­smica to announce their position with respect to Decree 130.

Imported imitation dairy products should be marketed at outlets throughout the country separately from authentic ones.

Renowned Panamanian singer and composer, Erika Ender, will be part of the group of artists in charge of delivering the statuettes at the IV Platino Awards Gala, which will take place July 22 in Madrid.


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