Friday 3rd May 2019. Combating river rubbish, Rob Getman.

May 3, 2019

Rob Getman joins me this morning to talk about his floating rubbish collector. It is a floating trash trap named BOB (Barrera O Basura).  It is located in the Rio matias

Rob Getman & Gerry

Hernandez in costa del este just upstream from the Ave Centenario bridge.  Rob conceived the idea in 2016. BOB is 200 ft long and sits in the river at a 60 degree angle.

It is owned by Marea Verde, an NGO out of Costa Del Este that receives donations from private businesses including Felipe Motta. It was installed on February 19th 2019. As of today it has collected 1000 bags of garbage. Rob operates and maintains the system with a small group of workers.

The deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) on her departure from the entity stated that “in the complaint we note that -Humbert- used the Office of the Comptroller to benefit his relatives and relatives with resources of the Panamanian State.”

Next Monday, May 6, there will be no classes in official and private schools throughout the national territory, informed the Ministry of Education (Meduca) .

The lawyer Alfredo Vallarino , an important piece of the team that defends former President Ricardo Martinelli , participated in the closing of the campaign of the presidential candidate of  the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Laurentino Cortizo , on Wednesday, May 1.

During the midday recess during the trial of Ricardo Martinelli, prosecutor Aurelio Vásquez revealed that the expert Luis Enrique Rivera Calle recognized the audio contained in a DVD found during the inspection of the National Security Council.

President Varela started the construction of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal.

Panama will once again join the great world census of bird species or Big Global Day this May 4, with a clear goal: to maintain the first place in the region in a variety of registered birds.

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