Friday 3rd May 2024.

May 2, 2024


From noon next Saturday, May 4, until noon on Monday, May 6, the sale, consumption, acquisition and gift of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited in canteens, bars, wineries, nightclubs and party halls.

All these premises where alcoholic beverages are sold must remain closed.

In the case of supermarkets, the liquor section is usually closed to apply the dry law, as part of the prohibitions prior to the opening of polls on May 5.

The Electoral Court published Decree No. 29, of May 30, 2022, which calls for the 2024 general elections and approves the regulations of the process, which includes measures such as the application of the dry law.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Electoral Tribunal, the consumption of alcohol will only be allowed to foreigners who are visiting the country for various reasons and are staying in hotels authorized for the sale of alcohol.

Private companies that manage games of chance, through license or concession, must ensure compliance with the prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the electoral period in which the dry law applies.

Those persons or companies that violate these provisions will be subject to sanctions in accordance with article 550 of the Electoral Code, which may include fines from $100 to $1,000.

For this Sunday, May 5, the Panama Metro, SA reported that a special schedule will be enabled, where the stations will be operational from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, both on line 1 (Panama north and San Miguelito ) as in line 2 (Panama east), with the aim that Panamanians can go out and vote.

Luis Carlos Díaz , director of operations of the Panama Metro , explained that the usual schedule on Sundays is to start operations at 7:00 am, but because this Sunday are the general elections and the voting centers will open from 7:00 am: 00 am, it was decided to provide support and begin operations two hours earlier.

Díaz indicated that “this support will be provided, since many people who will be working in the elections need to travel to the voting centers to prepare everything,” as is the case of the polling station juries and electoral delegates. In addition, the quick and safe transfer of the people who will be exercising their right to vote will be ensured. It is estimated that this Sunday, May 5, about 30 trains will be in operation.

According to the final Electoral Roll, 3 million 4 thousand 83 people must vote nationwide.

A few weeks before the government ends, on July 1, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) installed a new figure, it is the Council of Research and Innovation for Health (CIIS) , which aims to establish its stewardship , governance, as an independent and consultative body.

Among the main benefits is facilitating coordination between the entities involved with the common interest of strengthening the Research and Innovation System for Health , research capabilities, the generation and use of high-quality and transparent information, as well as the of decisions informed by evidence to promote, restore and protect the health of the population.

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, explained that this committee is based on Law No. 84 of May 14, 2019, which “ regulates and promotes research for health and dictates other provisions” ; In addition, he will function as an advisor to the Minsa. Recently, the new Medicines Regulatory Authority in Panama was presented to the National Assembly .

The CIIS is made up of 15 representatives and their alternates, from public, private and civil society entities. The presidency and the technical secretariat are exclusive to the Minsa, as established in articles 19 and 20 of Law 84.

During the installation of the CIIS, the Minister Counselor Eyra Ruiz, the representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Ana Riviere Cinamond, the national secretary of Sciences, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) Eduardo Ortega Barría , representatives of the Insurance Fund participated. Social (CSS), among other Minsa authorities, and representatives of the rectors of the universities that graduate professionals in health sciences.

Ortega Barría pointed out that this advice is important because by generating knowledge and innovating in health, the large gaps that the country has in terms of health can be addressed. All priorities related to health research will be discussed, such as clinical research, health system research, devices, medications, vaccines, among others.

The director of Senacyt indicated that “the committee must meet depending on the needs, for example it can be done every month.” Currently, they are discussing the National Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation.

According to information from the National Police, a retired unit thwarted the morning of this Thursday, May 2, an attempted robbery at the Banco Delta branch, located in the La Doña shopping center, on December 24.

At approximately 10:30 in the morning, the police received an alert call about the incident and units immediately approached the scene, according to John Dornheim, director of the National Police.

Upon arriving at the shopping center, an exchange of shots took place where one of the assailants managed to escape aboard a vehicle, which was later recovered in the Villa Marta sector, Monte Rico.

The driver was arrested with a bullet wound, in addition to a shotgun, a 9 millimeter pistol and police clothing. In addition, the subject has a criminal record; in 2006 he was arrested for armed robbery, and also in 2012 and 2014 for the same crime.

According to Dornheim, so far it is not known if the assailants managed to steal money and if the police uniform they were wearing belonged to the institution.

There are two other injuries from firearms and operations continue to be carried out to find the other people responsible for this criminal act.

What began as speculation is now a reality, after the Panamanian Football Federation (Fepafut) confirmed that it is working on the “updating” of the shield worn on the uniforms of the country’s different teams.

“We deeply appreciate the support and passion of all our fans who have shown great interest in knowing the final result,” the statement stated.

“This once again confirms that our national team unites the entire country no matter what,” he added.

This organization also commented that June will be a very important month for the senior team with the start of the World Cup qualifiers, the reopening of the Rommel Fernández stadium and the start of the Copa América .

“Our main objective is to ensure that this renewal of the Fepafut national emblem is a source of pride and satisfaction for everyone. Therefore, we invite you to stay tuned to our social networks for future announcements.”

La Roja will host Guyana on June 6 and three days later (June 9) visit Montserrat , while the Copa América will be played from June 20 to July 14.

The United States Embassy in Panama asked American citizens in the country to exercise caution when traveling this Sunday, May 5, the day of the general elections.

In a message, the embassy notes that although they are expected to be peaceful, it suggests that they be cautious if they find themselves “unexpectedly” in the vicinity of large gatherings or demonstrations, since even peaceful demonstrations “have the potential to turn violent without warning.” .

He recalled that the National Police of Panama has used tear gas or riot munitions in response to demonstrations, particularly when roads are blocked or in cases of aggression against public forces.

Among the recommendations are:

– Avoid demonstrations.

– Monitor local media for updates.

– Be careful when traveling and plan routes accordingly.

– Be careful if you find yourself unexpectedly near large gatherings or demonstrations.

– Contact local authorities (dial 911) if you have any immediate health or safety concerns.

– Register for STEP and check our website for the latest alerts and messages for US citizens.

The prices of 95 and 91 octane gasoline will drop from this Friday, May 3, reported the National Secretariat of Energy.

The price of low sulfur diesel will also decrease, starting at 6:00 am

The 95 octane one will drop three cents per liter and its sale price will be $1.10. Meanwhile, the 91 octane one will also drop three cents per liter and will be sold at $1.00.

Diesel will drop four cents to 90 cents per liter. These prices will be valid until next May 17.


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