Friday 5th August 2016. Threads of Silver and Gold.

August 5, 2016

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Deborah, Francis, Marcia and Gerry
Deborah, Francis, Marcia and Gerry

In the second hour this morning we chat with Deborah Dickey, Marcia Henry and Francis Wilson. Deborah has written, directed and produced a production called “Threads of Silver and Gold, Women at the Panama Canal” . This is a narrative of the experiences of a British, American and a West Indies lady during the construction of the Panama Canal. It is on at the Theatre Guild of Ancon tomorrow Saturday at 7:30p.


A reading from the show by Francis.

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Panameñista Deputy Jorge Iván Arrocha was the favorite to be named chair of the National Assembly Budget Committee after various negotiations within the caucus of his party.

The bench of the Democratic Change (CD) presented a proposal on Wednesday to achieve the unification of the party and the renewal of its board.

A hearing scheduled for yesterday in the case involving businessman and former Coclé Governor Richard Fifer for irregularities in Social Security payments was suspended.

Recent pressures by Panama to Colombia to enforce the WTO ruling have had an immediate response, but not the one expected.

The Consumer Protection Authority (Acodeco) will begin operations next week to identify businesses that include tips in bills.

One of the agreements between the Ministry of Education (Meduca) and teachers at the conclusion of their national strike was the recovery of classes.

The legal battle continues between the representatives of Josephco S.A. and the Mayor’s Office of Panama over the demolition of a penthouse at P.H. Crystal in El Cangrejo.

Parliamentarians from Latin America and the Caribbean, environmental experts from the region and representatives of the UN set up yesterday a meeting in Panama for two days, in which they will address climate change mitigation strategies.


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