Friday 7th January 2022.

January 7, 2022

Welcome to our Friday program. Usual Friday bits and pieces for you, Freaky Fun Facts with Ingrid, this week Ingrid takes a diverse look at some interesting facts to keep us entertained. Yazmin gives us some advise on what we can be doing, where we can be doing it and of course when. Also Yazmin selects a couple of tracks from this day in music…

This being one of them from David Bowie, and quite appropriately as on this day he released ‘Changes’ as a single in the UK. The track peaked at No.49 on the UK chart and later at No.41 on the US chart. This was the last song Bowie performed live on stage before his retirement from live performances at the end of 2006 when he joined Alicia Keys at the Black Ball fundraiser at New York’s Hammersmith Ballroom. Also bear in mind David Bowie was born on the 8th of January in 1947 and passed on the 10th of January 2016.


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