Friday 8th September 2017. Luna Llena de Tambores and What, where and when.

September 8, 2017

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Alfredo Hidrovo

End of the week! With us in the second hour today, a return visit from Alfredo Hidrovo. Yes, it is that time of the month again, full moon. Alfredo not only tells us about this weekends Luna Llena de Tambores in Casco, but he also sings about it!

Gabriel leaves us this week.

What, where and when…. The last in its current form as Gabriel has got a new job and won’t be able to join us in the future, but for today good advice on what you can be doing here in Panama. We wish Gabriel well and I am sure he will be popping up on the program now and then.

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Coat_of_Arms_of_Panama.svgThe Second Court of Justice didn’t accept a preventive habeas corpus filed by the former administrator of the Tourism Authority (ATP), Salomón Shamah, in order that he not be arrested in the process brought forward by the Thirteenth Criminal Court for the alleged commission of the crime of embezzlement.

Silvana Manzini de De Obarrio, mother of Adolfo “Chichi” De Obarrio, former private secretary to former president Ricardo Martinelli, will remain in prison despite a $100,000 bail for her release.

Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which has carried out the biggest bribing plot in America, opened an account in the Private Bank of Andorra (BPA) to the parents of Demetrio Jimmy Papadimitriu, former minister of the Presidency and campaign manager of former president Ricardo Martinelli.

The Association of Veraguas Educators (AEVe) lifted yesterday their work strike, after 75 days without classes to students from areas that are difficult to access.

Panama’s Metro Line 1 is building a wiring viaduct that will connect to an electrical substation of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), which will serve as an energy backup, said the director general of the Panama Metro, Roberto Roy.

The National Assembly’s Education, Culture and Sports Commission, chaired by deputy Juan Miguel Ríos, approved in the first debate, Bill No.513, which declares as a National Historical Monument the building that houses the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Health Studies (ICGES).


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