Friday 9th February 2018. TGIF and TGIC, Thank God it’s Carnival! You me and the music.

February 9, 2018

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Yes, it is Friday but that is not all it is the start of Carnival! Going on from today until next Wednesday, almost a week of mayhem, as 1.7 million people leave the city for the Interior and 800,000 make their way to the Cinta Costera in the City to party, party, party. Today we look at some of the events and how to get to here in Panama City, apart from that great music for three hours.

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The Superior Court of Appeals of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama confirmed the decision made by enforcement judge Hormilda Miranda on Wednesday afternoon, which dismissed the sentence imposed on Linda Thomas, ex-physician of the Medicines Laboratory of the Social Security (CSS).

The Superior Court of Appeals denied yesterday the request for the dismissal of the sentence to the former Director of Pharmacies and Drugs of the Ministry of Health Pablo Solís, sentenced to 18 months in prison for the case of massive poisoning with diethylene glycol.

During a hearing held yesterday at the premises of the Accusatory Penal System (SPA) in Plaza Ágora, was ordered the provisional detention measure against Ramón Martinelli Corro, cousin of former President Ricardo Martinelli, and Jorge Luis Álvarez Cumming.

The Superior Court of Appeals confirmed yesterday afternoon the measure of suspension of Judge Felipe Fuentes, who has been charged with the alleged commission of the crime of violation of public seals related to the theft of the Financial Pacific files.

The presiding magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), Hernán De León, restricted trips to everyone that comprises the State organ.

The United Nations (UN) has urged Panama to resume the political dialogue that ended last year for the approval of a law that includes a comprehensive sexual and reproductive education in the school curriculum, aimed at adolescents.

The Social Security Fund reported that 17 cases of patients have been detected with surgical wound infections after cesarean sections in the gynecology ward of the Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Metropolitan Hospital Complex.

Growing crops that are friendly to the environment and to our health has become a necessary activity.


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