Friday 9th November 2018. Remember Armistice and Panama Real Estate.

November 9, 2018

This weekend is the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice. A service commemorating the event will be held on Sunday. In the second hour me make our own small tribute.


In the last hour today the topic is Panama’s real estate. We talk to Kent Davis from Panama Equity who talks us through the various segments of the market.

“Panamanian democracy is in grave danger, it is being destroyed by those who are called on to protect and defend it.”

The Fifteenth Court  admitted on Thursday, November 8, an application for bail for Abraham Williams Gallardo, in the amount of 50 thousand dollars.

The Fifteenth Criminal Court declared the nullity of the process followed against the former Minister of Social Development  Guillermo Ferrufino, for the rent of helicopters with funds from  the National Aid Program (PAN) , during the last administration.

The fire in the house 2020, located between 12th Street and Meléndez Avenue in Colon, left 24 families affected.

The Local Committee of the Red Cross of La Villa de Los Santos went to the plenary session of the Municipal Council of Los Santos on Thursday, November 8 to ask for the economic resource that guarantees the security operation of this November 10

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