Monalisa & Rodrigo release a new song “Todo y Algo Más”

May 23, 2020

The Panamanian duo Monalisa & Rodrigo released their new song
“Todo y Algo Más” on May 19. The song was recorded remotely during
quarantine. The duo recorded vocals in their respective homes, and the
percussion, drums, guitar and bass were recorded in different places such
as Buenos Aires, Parque Levefre and Panamá Pacífico.

“Todo y Algo Más” is a about a relationship in which one person gives
everything but the other person still demands more, and it’s basically an
ode to love in the times of quarantine. The song was composed by
Rodrigo Sánchez and produced by Dominick Moreno and Jonathan
Gonzalez in Panama.

Despite the pandemic, the due remains active as they compose and
record. This is the follow up for “Todo lo que Quiero” their lastest song,
which was a finalist at the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest
and took Monalisa & Rodrigo to Punta de Este, Uruguay to represent
Panama at the International Song Festival held in November of last year.


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