Monday 10th December 2018. You, me and the Music.

December 10, 2018

Gerry D


We start pushing in a few more Christmas songs today and some more facts relating to the Christmas period.

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The decision of the plenary of the  Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) to decline the competence of the process followed agaist former President  Ricardo Martinelli for wiretapping “gives way to impunity” and generates uncertainty.

The  Foundation for the Development of Citizen Liberty , Panamanian Chapter of Transparency International, launched on Sunday the “Challenge for transparency” to the presidential candidates, facing the general elections of 2019.

Of the million 493 thousand 533 patients who went to the emergency services of the  Social Security Fund (CSS), in the third quarter of 2018, only 68 thousand 387 were classified as “real urgencies”.

Starting Monday, December 10, and for two weeks, road expansion work will be done on the section of the Domingo Díaz road, which goes from the bus stop of the El Faro shopping center, to the exit of the vehicular bridge of Cerro Viento .

The head of the Los Santos police zone , Frank Pinilla, announced that citizen security personnel are training for the reception and treatment of the more than 20 thousand pilgrims who will arrive in Azuero for the pre-emp  day of World Youth Day  (WYD) ) 2019, to be held from January 16 to 20.

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