Monday 11th February 2019. We talk micro Algae today with Jennifer Gil on the day of women and girls in science.

February 11, 2019

Algae found in the Panama Canal

Today is the day of women and girls in science, coincidentally we have with us this morning in the last hour Jennifer Gil. Jennifer is an environmental scientist working with the microalgae of South Florida at Florida International University. She has interned at the Smithsonian twice. She was also an AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow 2015 who worked at CNN español. As a Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow, she will travel to three Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute facilities in Panama, collecting microalgae samples. She will be documenting it both in Spanish and English through blogging, microscopic pictures, and videos. She will display an exhibit where visitors will use their five senses to discover the invisible world of microalgae. Gil studied Interdisciplinary Science at the University of Puerto Rico. She recently completed her Master’s in Environmental Science at Florida International University.

Jennifer Gil & Gerry

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) urged the  National Assembly to act prudently.The plea was made through the Opina Chamber, where the organization emphasized that “what is decided today must be sustainable over time and not a supposed benefit in the short term.”

The fiscal deficit for 2018 was $1,339 million, a figure that is equivalent to 2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) projected for the end of the year and represents an increase of  $179  million compared to 2017.

United by Agro decided, on Sunday afternoon, the mobilization of its 30 organizations for next February 21.

The  Tribunal Electoral  (TE) reminded the state entities -even central or local government- as well as the autonomous, semi-autonomous and mixed entities, and the state contractors, of the prohibition of disclosure of state advertising.

Everything is ready for the High Court of Appeals of the accusatory criminal system – formed by magistrates Ruth Aizpú, Diego Fernández and Yiles Pittí – to attend today, Monday, the second hearing of former President Ricardo Martinelli in the ordinary courts.

The National Institute of Culture (INAC)  reported that the restoration works of the National Theater have an 80% progress.

Large amount of confiscated wood, of different species, has is lost  by just sitting in the courtyard of the Ministry of Environment of the province of Los Santos, based in Las Tablas. This was notified by Bolivar Dominguez, director of Mi Ambiente in Los Santos .

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