Monday 11th September 2017. Ensena Panama and Expo Mama.

September 11, 2017

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In the second hour this morning it is about teaching. Lorena Valencia CEO of Ensena Panama and Laura Diaz communications expert and one of Enesna’s teachers tell us all about the program and right now they are looking for new teachers, also they have a fundraising campaign underway. Ensena Panama.

Ensena Panama Laura, Lorena & Gerry

In the last hour a reminder with Mayra Barahona of the upcoming Expo Mama which will take place this coming Saturday and Sunday at the Albook Mall. Plenty of advice and products will be available.

Mayra Barahona & Gerry

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Coat_of_Arms_of_Panama.svgOf 28 high-profile cases investigated, the Public Prosecutor’s Office sent the Court of Auditors 22 cases in which is estimated a damage to the state of $191.3 million.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) of the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC), informed yesterday that during the next 24 hours it is expected that we will see an increase in rainfall and that the population must adopt preventive measures.

Staff of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) proceeded to stabilize, secure and reinforce the substructure of the Villa Lucre bridge, which was affected after being hit by a truck on the morning of Saturday September 9.

The studies and preparation of designs for the extension of line 1 of the Panama Metro from San Isidro to Villa Zaíta, in the corregimiento of Ernesto Córdoba, are already underway.

During a hearing held on Saturday at the offices of the Accusatory Criminal System (SPA) in Plaza Conquistador, the judge ordered the provisional arrest of football player Darwin Pinzon and his accomplices.

The process of mass Internet access in public interest sites of the country is on its way.

On Sunday, the National Aqueducts and Sewers Institute (IDAAN) reported on the start of the second phase of the Water and Sanitation Improvement project for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Panama and Colón (Metro Agua II), with the aim of achieving an increase in the quality, coverage, and efficiency of potable water and sanitation services in low-income communities.

Yesterday was held in Costa del Este the first walk in Panama on World Suicide Day.


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