Monday 12th July 2021.

July 12, 2021

Welcome to a new week… Today in the 8 O’clock hour we have with us on the line Dr Florin Rotar, we take a delve into the issue of Diabetes. The types, the symptoms, the treatments the consequences and most importantly how to avoid it.

Yazmin takes a rummage round what has happened on this day in music and came up with a concoction of Milk and Alcohol!! “Happy 74th birthday to Wilko Johnson born 12 July 1947 who with Dr Feelgood had the 1979 UK No.9 single ‘Milk And Alcohol’ and a founding member of Solid Senders. Wilko stated in early 2013 that he had terminal cancer and was given just 10 months to live.”

Happy to say that Wilko Johnson is still with us today, his 74th birthday.

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