Monday 14th August 2017. 4 in 48, Ancon Theatre Guild and the Panama Fresh Market.

August 14, 2017

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Cedric, Carina, Rob & Gerry


In the second hour of the program today we have Rob Getman, Carina Weber, Cedric Carmere from the Theatre Guild of Ancon. Their next event this coming Sunday is 4 in 48. Four teams have to put on a play in 48 hours from writing to acting.

Marian & Gerry

On Saturday it is the third “Panama Fresh

Local Market” this will take place on Saturday the 19th from midday until 6pm. With me to talk all about it is Marian Tiblier.  Make sure you put it in your diaries.

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Coat_of_Arms_of_Panama.svgOf 32 high-profile corruption cases, 29 are pending a decision in the Supreme Court of Justice, the Second Superior Court and Circuit Courts.

Former President Ricardo Martinelli, who has been imprisoned in Miami for two months now, insists that the United States should deny his extradition, because Panama’s request contains “faults” and is based on false evidence.

The proposal to modify the property tax is in the National Assembly, although it will come into effect in a year and a half.

While public transport users are calling on the Panamanian State to allow the Uber technology platform to continue its operations, selective transport drivers refuse to regulate the service.

With artistic presentations, the Panama City Hall inaugurated Saturday the underground parking lot of the Francisco Arias Paredes park, located in the district of Calidonia.

The Federico Guardia water treatment plant in Chilibre resumed operations yesterday afternoon, after the pumps were shut down due to an electrical failure.

The MAC Panama exceeded 3,000 visitors when entering the last weeks of Años Luz, an exhibition of the Barcelona artist Eugènia Balcells.


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