Monday 16th August 2021.

August 16, 2021

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Sunday, August 15, that in the last 24 hours two people died from  Covid-19 , so the accumulated number of deaths rises to 6,951. In addition, it updated two deaths from previous dates. For this Sunday, 563 new positive cases of coronavirus are reported, after the application of 8,231 tests (positivity of 6.8%). On Saturday, the positivity was 6.9% after they did 12 thousand tests. According to the Minsa, 430,318 patients have recovered. Active cases total 10,555. In home isolation, 10,097 are reported, of which 9,789 are at home and 308 in hotels. There are 458 hospitalized and 338 of those are in the wards and 120 are in the intensive care units.

Statistical reports from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) revealed that this epidemiological week, between August 8 and 14, a daily average of 849 cases of Covid-19 was reported. It is a trend with a slight increase compared to the previous week, when the average was almost 810 infections daily. However, in the words of the scientist, in the presence of more infectious variants (such as Delta) this type of stability or plateau is never good news.

So far in 2021, some 54,000 migrants have entered the national territory. Today, there are about 3,300 migrants in the country. This was announced by the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, during a work tour carried out on Saturday, in the Bajo Chiquito camp, Darien province. According to Pino, this tour sought to verify the controlled migratory flow in this area. In addition, two surveillance posts were inaugurated in the Bajo Chiquito and Canaán Membrillo sectors, also in this province.

Panama and Chile coordinate aid for the island of Haiti, shaken by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 1,297 people. The State Secretariat of Communication reported that Chile made a cargo plane available that will arrive in Panama on Tuesday 17. It was reported that the private sector was summoned to this humanitarian effort. The authorized collection center is the Parque Omar and will be open from 7:00 am on Monday, August 16.

The Civil Aeronautics Authority is advancing with a contract for $ 6 million 412 thousand for the maintenance of the presidential plane. The contract covers a term of five years and is the second time since the aircraft was purchased in 2011. At that time, under the presidency of Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), the Legacy 600 aircraft was purchased from the Embraer Aviation company for $ 22 million, an amount that was donated by Taiwan.

A guarantee judge of the First Judicial Circuit ordered precautionary measures against 18 citizens, who were charged for the alleged commission of crimes against collective security, within the so-called Jade operation. This case is related to an anti-drug investigation that uncovered the alleged involvement of officials from the Institutional Protection Service, the Aquatic Resources Authority and the Panama Maritime Authority with a criminal network from which 3.6 tons of drugs were seized.

The Panama Canal has contributed to the State $ 6,963 million in the accumulated of the last four years, during which time the third set of locks, inaugurated on June 26, 2016, has remained in operation. Since the Canal was passed to Panama on December 31, 1999, the ACP has delivered to the National Treasury, in surpluses and rights per ton, $ 18,676 million, according to the ACP. If to this amount are added the $ 1.76 billion in budgeted contributions for fiscal year 2021, which ends on September 30, the contributions to the State will exceed $ 20 billion in 22 years of Panamanian administration. The figure contrasts with the $ 1,878 million that the United States disbursed to Panama in 85 years of administration, after its inauguration on August 15, 1914.

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