Monday 17th October 2022.

October 17, 2022


The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) reiterated that for several weeks it has raised the need for us, as a State, “to confront once and for all and carry out actions that present solutions to the country’s structural problems.” The union specified that at this time the main issue that must be addressed is the situation of the Social Security Fund. “The diagnoses are presented, it is time to take action,” stressed the Cciap. “It will be useless to seek opportunities for the country and its people if the pension system, the heart of the Panamanian economy, collapses, this would mean a real social crisis that would end up destroying the little trust that exists in Panamanians and would plunge the country into a new economic crisis,” he said. And it is that in its Sunday column La Cámara Opina , the union detailed a series of initiatives that seek to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), attract foreign investment to the country and position Panama as a meeting center for events, conventions and international meetings. Among these proposals is the “Franchising Panama” program, which encourages SMEs to become franchises. “As the most representative association of the Panamanian private sector, the Cciap will continue to work for Panama and the Panamanians in the constant search for opportunities, but it is also prepared to go as soon as possible to address the problems that require imminent attention from everyone. that promotes the existence of a long-term sustainable Panamanian State”, he emphasized.

Some 187,644 migrants heading to the United States have arrived in Panama this year. And, so far this October, 36,062 have passed, mostly Venezuelans. This was announced by the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, during a work tour in the province of Darién, bordering Colombia. “We spoke with migrants, mostly Venezuelans, who told us that after the announcement by the United States, many of them made the decision to return to their country, however, others continue the journey,” explained the minister. Last Wednesday, the United States announced new measures to control Venezuelan migration: a program that gives legal status for two years to those who arrive by plane and the immediate expulsion of most of those who cross the border through Mexico. For her part, the general director of the National Migration Service (SNM), Samira Gozaine, reported that currently more than 9,000 migrants are in reception camps in the province of Darién. “Panama continues to provide food, lodging and health care, there are many children who come on these journeys and we cannot stop caring for them,” said Gozaine. Meanwhile, the director of the National Border Service, Oriel Ortega, reported that through the “Wana Jumarada” operation, the Darién jungle has been reinforced. He specified that 78 coyotes have been detained, while 688 migrants were rescued.”So far this year we have apprehended 136 people for crimes against migrants, of these, 85 are nationals and 56 foreigners,” he added. This work tour included a visit to the border community of Cañas Blancas, which is located two kilometers from the border line with Colombia, it was reported.

Poverty, job instability, food shortages, uncertain markets, climate change and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are the main reasons linked to hunger. The health crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic jeopardized progress in the sustainable development goals, such as the “zero hunger” goal, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). acronym in English). In Panama, there were 200,000 hungry Panamanians (5.8% of the total population), at the end of 2021. In the group of undernourished Panamanians, 60% or six out of 10 are concentrated in the indigenous comarcas and 40% The rest is in the rural areas of the provinces of Panama and Colón, Adoniram Sánchez Peraci, subregional coordinator for Mesoamerica and FAO Representative in Panama and Costa Rica, told this newspaper. They are classified as a hungry population because, due to their limitations, they are unable to obtain the 2,200 calories per day necessary for nutrition. In the midst of this panorama, in which a possible global economic recession is visualized by 2023, today marks World Food Day, with some 828 million people suffering from hunger in the world or 9.8% of the planet’s population. , of which 150 million were added by the pandemic, according to the most recent FAO report. Sánchez Peraci commented that in the case of Panama, the index of the population with hunger decreased from 7.5% in 2019 to 5.8% in 2021, attributed to a growth in the production of food, grains and poultry, “in addition to the aggressive social policy of the solidarity plan promoted by the Government”. In 2019, the hungry Panamanian population was estimated at about 300,000 people, that is, until 2021, it decreased by about 100,000 people. He indicated that the methodology used to measure hunger is validated by different international organizations, including the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). “Panama is in second place in the hunger index after Costa Rica, which has the lowest percentage in the region,” explained Sánchez.

A man allegedly linked to the recent robbery at the El Ingenio Savings Bank, Betania, will be provisionally detained.This was decided by the guarantee judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, Meylin Jaén, in a hearing held this Sunday, October 16, 2022. This citizen was apprehended the morning of the previous day in an operation carried out in the San Isidro sector, San Miguelito district. The investigations carried out by the judicial authorities reveal a patrimonial injury that would amount to more than 60 thousand dollars. The robbery at the El Ingenio branch of the Savings Bank (October 10, 2022) was the third robbery at a state bank in a period of three months and the second at this entity. The same thing happened on September 27 at the Plaza Galápagos branch, Juan Díaz, where they took $39,633.

The Panamanian delegation that performed at the XII South American Games in Asunción 2022 closed its participation with a good taste in the mouth thanks to athletics, which provided two more medals: one gold and the other bronze. It was Chamar Chambers from Colon who climbed to the top of the podium in the 800 meter dash, winning gold with a time of 1:46.99 minutes José Maita, from Venezuela (1:47.26), and Eduardo Ribeiro, from Brazil (1:47.39), took silver and bronze, respectively. In the process, Chambers set a new Central American record and also a national record in the track event. His time also earned him his place at the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023. “This gold is dedicated to all my friends and my sponsors, to all those who made it possible,” Chambers told the press department of the Panama Olympic Committee (COP) after the race.”We knew that the test was for anyone because we all had the same level, but we were ready for any kind of race that came our way and we knew how to read it well,” added the national athlete. Another runner who could also put the colors of our flag on the podium was Diddier Rodríguez, who captured the bronze medal in the 3000 meters with obstacles, with a time of 8:54.61 minutes. Gerard Giraldo, from Colombia, won the gold with a time of 8:40.28 and his compatriot Carlos Sanmartín took the silver with a time of 8:25.66. “The change of weather affected us a bit, but I tried to adapt as soon as possible and the results came through,” Rodríguez said after the race. Our country closed its participation in the Games with a total of 12 medals to rank 11th in the medal table (out of 14 countries). In addition to Chambers, two other golds came through women’s boxing with Atheyna Bylon and taekwondo in the traditional poomsae modality with Daniela Rodríguez. In addition, there was a silver and 8 bronzes.

“On Repeat” is the title of the new song that Panamanian artist Edward José , of the pop genre, is promoting these days. The song, which was officially released on September 23, “is an urban pop, very different from what I had previously done, however I have tried to break paradigms, but keeping my essence and what I am,” the musician tells La Prensa . . “I think the main message of this song is to shout your feelings, to tell the world when you love, to tell the world when you’re happy, not to hold anything back,” he says. The composition of the song had the collaboration of also Panamanian Angel Dee. “It’s the first time I’ve composed together, and I thought that to achieve a different result, the process had to be different, and I think it showed in how it turned out,” he adds.

A fire was recorded on the afternoon of this Sunday, October 16, 2022, in a commercial premises located in the Uruguay street sector, Bella Vista corregimiento. This was reported by the Panama Fire Department on its Twitter account. So far no injuries have been reported. Firefighters from the Calidonia, Carrasquilla and Plaza Amador stations participated in the extinction work.


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