Monday 19th August 2019. Great start to the week, it’s you me and the music.

August 19, 2019

Yes, it is one of those morning when we have no guests, so it gives me a chance to rummage through my music collection and the Internet.

The president of the Public Infrastructure and Channel Affairs Commission of the National Assembly, Kayra Harding, informed that this week they would be citing the consortium in charge of the construction of the fourth bridge over the Canal to explain the current situation of the project.

The new general director of the  Social Security Fund (CSS) must be someone “with a professional profile as a statesman, who has a long-term vision and who knows how to separate the political interests of the largest company in the country.”

A total of 135 people have applied for the election of the members of the National Election Commission of the Panamanista Party .

The Eighteenth Criminal Court denied  Ricardo Martinelli a remedy that sought to annul a resolution of the Seventh Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office that gave instructions to follow the summaries under investigation for the alleged commission of the financial crime to the detriment of the  Superintendence of the Securities Market (SMV).

The provisional detention measure was applied to two young people aged 18 and 21 during a hearing held in the Court of Guarantees of Los Santos. There they were charged for the alleged commission of the crime of manslaughter, to the detriment of the nurse Francisco Javier Trejos. The incident occurred last Saturday, August 10.

Dwellers of the island of Cañas, district of Tonosí, expressed concern about the lack of materials for the collection and transfer of the thousands of turtle eggs that will be planted in the artificial nursery that they have finished building.

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