Monday 19th June 2023.

June 19, 2023


It is a music Monday and Ingrid checks in with us this morning, as always for our everyday story of country folk.

Yazmin takes a look at who was born on this day in music….1960 –  Dennis Fuller,  from German-based English dance-pop duo The London Boys who had the UK No.2 single ‘London Nights’. But it has a very sad ending, both members Edem Ephraim, Fuller and Ephraim’s wife all died in a car crash on 21 January 1996. They were travelling in the Austrian Alps on a mountain road on their way to a skiing holiday and along the route met a car driven by a drunk driver who was trying to pass on the opposite side of the road. The Swiss driver had reportedly been overtaking other cars in dangerous places along the road for a couple of miles beforehand, in bad weather conditions, and he hit their car head-on. Fuller, Ephraim, Ephraim’s German wife Bettina, a Hamburg DJ (who was their mutual friend) and the Swiss driver all died in the accident. Ephraim and his wife left behind a son, Stevie, who was 3-years-old at the time. Fuller had a daughter, Laura, who was 10. “Enjoy today, tomorrow may never come” RIP.

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