Monday 19th November 2018. Our daily rummage and entertainment at Murphy’s California Kitchen.

November 19, 2018

Tom and Matt join me in the second hour today, just open over a year the “Venue” at the California Kitchen Pub (Now Murphy’s California Kitchen Pub) has taken off and has become one of the entertainment places to go to. Tom and Matt talk about the work involved in making it a place that artists like to perform and punters like to enjoy.

Tom, Gerry and Matt

Three of the five presidential candidates running for the 2019 general election spoke on the situation within the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) with regards to a corrupt ruling. They agree that Panama needs structural changes to clean up the judicial system.

In the country there is a need to recover the institutionality, since “the lack of widespread credibility makes us look like a failed state, where there is no climate of seriousness,” highlighted members of the Chamber of Commerce of Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) this Sunday November 18.

The Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Panama warned that “unscrupulous” people are requesting donations by means of calls and text messages, using the name of the First Lady’s office.

One day after the decision of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on the responsibility of the United States in the invasion of Panama was announced, Gilma Camargo , the lawyer who brought the case to the inter-American system, said that the pronouncement represents “an opportunity for the Panamanian people, and for other peoples, to be able to defend themselves against illegal aggressions from more powerful countries”.

The  National Bank of Panama (BNP) will not send to banks that operate in the country banknotes of the denomination of one dollar as of November 16.

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