Monday 1st April 2019. Conference on Financial Compliance and Air Europa starts in June.

April 1, 2019

A great start to a new week and a new month as we slide into April. Joining me at 8:15 this morning it is a welcome back to the program for Lubomir Dobrev from ACAMS: The largest international organization of members dedicated to enhance the knowledge, skills and experience of the professionals in anti-money laundering (AML) and against the financing of terrorism (CTF, for its acronym in English), and in the detection and prevention of financial crime. Our members represent a

Sr Lubo Dobrev & Gerry

wide variety of financial institutions, regulatory bodies and authorities responsible for enforcing the laws and other sectors of the industry. Check out their conference in Panama on the 25th April.Check out their conference in Panama on the 25th April.

Exciting news for travelers. Air Europa will  be starting to fly from Panama to Madrid on the 3rd of June with four weekly flights. Another welcome player here in the Hub of the Americas. What for me is exciting is the

Sr Carlos Conde & Gerry

equipment that Air Europe will use, the new Boeing Dreamliner. To talk to us about the move into the Panama market is Sr Carlos Conde Commercial Manager of Air Europa.

President  Juan Carlos Varela sanctioned the law on personal data protection approved in the third debate by the National Assembly.

The Thirteenth Criminal Court requested the  Tribunal Electoral (TE) to lift the electoral criminal jurisdiction of the candidate for deputy, Guillermo Ferrufino, who faces an investigation for the alleged commission of the crime of corruption of public servants, after the purchase of a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle. 2013, allegedly with money from State contractors.

The President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela , is in China, with the aim of advancing the strengthening of the agenda between both countries.

The list of candidates for deputies of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) has at least eight candidates who are mentioned in different criminal proceedings.

A deputy from Panama in the Parlacen has almost the same prerogatives that the 71 deputies of the National Assembly possess .

Yesterday Sunday, several high points of the city register low pressure or lack of water.

The Institute of Aqueducts and Sewerage Systems (Idaan) confirmed the authorization of two wells as an “urgent” contingency measure to maintain the water supply to the population of Llano de Piedras.

In less than a month, the forest reserve of Barro Blanco, in the Chorcha plateau, province of Chiriqui , has suffered the onslaught of two large-scale forest fires that has affected the wildlife and vegetation of the area.

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