Monday 20th July 2020.

July 20, 2020

In the eight o’clock hour today we link up with Mr Arcelio Hartley of CGM (CGM is the Corozal, Gatun, Mount Hope West Indian Cemeteries).

CGM’s  focus is on the cemetery preservation and maintenance of the ancestors and their families who are buried in these cemeteries.

Pan Caribbean Sankofa focuses collecting Oral Histories from the descendants Of the Antillanos who can share their experience of living on the former Canal Zone and in Panama.

CGM Cemetery Preservation Foundation has been working diligently for the past five years to create awareness around the deplorable conditions of the final resting places of the West Indian Canal Builders and Workers. We are pleased to announce the creation of Pan Caribbean Sankofa, a division of CGM, that will partner with the University of Florida to collect oral histories of West Indian descendants that will be added to their Panama Canal Museum Collection. We finally have an opportunity to ensure that our voices will be heard, and our legacies documented in a manner that is befitting of the contribution those workers made to the Canal and to Panama.  To ensure the success of this project, we need your assistance. We are asking that you participate in the collection of these oral histories or refer us to someone who will be willing to lend their experiences as a West Indian Panamanian to this project.

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