Monday 22nd June 2020.

June 22, 2020

My guests on the phone this morning, in the eight o’clock hour we chat with Min Chen joint CEO of “Wisy”.

Wisy was selected to participate in the Nasdaq Milestone Maker program which ended in projections of selected entrepreneurs on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square.


Wisy has addressed the growing worldwide concern about getting essential products, from food to medicines, in a safe and timely way, by enabling companies provide contactless services to protect their customers and their staff.

Wisy´s technology enables companies to process high volumes of orders from any channel, remotely coordinate with their staff, automate tasks using artificial intelligence, and maintain close communication with customers.  Check out the webinar that they are having tomorrow see the poster here also for registration you can click here.

In the last hour it is always good to chat with Carlos Rogers. Carlos my man to go to when it comes to chatting about all things astronomical. So much has been happening recently with the Space X  sending two astronauts to the space station. We chat about that and what the conditions are like on the moon and on Mars. Is Mars next? Find out more about the Asociación Panameña de Aficionados a la Astronomía.

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