Monday 23rd May 2022.

May 23, 2022


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported this Sunday, May 22, that in the last 24 hours five deaths from covid-19 have been reported, plus one from an earlier date, and 2,167 new infections. According to the epidemiological report, the accumulated number of deaths to date amounts to 8,227. Meanwhile, in the last hours they applied 10,458 tests for a positivity of 20.7%. Active cases total 28,014, of which 27,785 are in home isolation and 229 hospitalized. Those in isolation are divided into 27,699 at home and 86 in hotels. Those hospitalized are 229 in room 193 and 36 in the intensive care unit.

Ricardo Lombana was elected as president of the party in formation OtroCamino During the convention held this Sunday, Lombana got 266 valid votes. Meanwhile, the businesswoman Giovanna Graziadei – who also aspired to preside over the group – obtained eight votes. With 91% participation, OtroCamino thus celebrated its National Constitutive Convention, where the statute, government platform, code of ethics and distinctive symbols of the group were also approved. “Yes, you can make a political party without patronage,” he added. “No one has received a payment or a favor to be here, they are here because they love this country,” he stressed. In that sense, he assured that OC –which has 46 thousand 615 members– comes to do politics to improve people’s quality of life.To do this, he announced that a complete electoral offer is being prepared for the 2024 general elections. “Otro Camino is not closed to anyone, only to thugs,” he remarked.

Members of the Coalition for the Unity of Colón (Cuco), who declared a strike in the province since May 9, continued their actions in the streets this weekend. This Sunday, Cuco carried out a “foot washing” activity for both its members and the general public, which took place on 10th and 11th streets, Central Avenue in Colón. For this Monday, May 23, the actions that Cuco has been undertaking for 14 days will continue, in demand of a series of social claims, it was announced. Cuco also reiterated his request that Monsignor Rómulo Emiliani , with whom they have already had contact, serve as a mediator between the government and said organization, in the search for solutions in Colón.

A greater prioritization of spending, to give greater weight to investments and reduce operating spending, is the recipe agreed by economists consulted to strengthen the economy and public finances, at a time when public debt is growing. The economist Luis Alberto Morán referred to the possibility, as the stock markets are anticipating -according to various analyses- of a strong slowdown or even a recession in advanced economies The economist spoke with La Prensa after knowing the latest data on the Panamanian public debt. At the end of April, the balance of the non-financial public sector debt stood at $42,939.9 million, thus heading for $43,000 million, a level that has never been reached. Last month, the debt balance increased by $127.1 million, after receiving disbursements from multilateral organizations ($148.1 million) and funds from auctions of Treasury Bills ($36.6 million), according to a recent report from the Public Financing Directorate of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) .

The figure of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) is a tool for progress for economic recovery and job creation in the country. This was highlighted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap), after learning this week that the Inter-American Development Bank chose Panama as the venue for the 2023 PPP Americas Regional Forum. In its weekly column for La Cámara Opina , the organization stressed that “PPPs seek the participation of the private sector in the provision of infrastructure and services traditionally provided by the government.”

A substantial group of people gathered on the way to the Bayano Dam. There this group of people reiterated their opposition to bill 241, approved in the third debate in the National Assembly and which was presented by the Guna deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Petita Ayarza.The leaders stated that, if the project is sanctioned by President Laurentino Cortizo, the Guna region would be given total discretion over the use of Lake Bayano. This, despite the fact that there are villages in Chepo, such as Cañita, El Llano and Tortí, that have access to this water resource.

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