Monday 25th June 2018. Gentle start to the week, we take a rummage around our music collection.

June 25, 2018

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The Public Ministry (MP) announced that it is ready and prepared to attend to the hearing in the case of the unauthorized interception of communications from the National Security Council (CSN), which is scheduled from September 3 to 14 .

“Legal security is a significant component of the competitiveness of a country, and a determining factor in attracting foreign investment, as is the case of Panama in the face of the need to generate new and growing sources of employment.”

Through Joint Judgment No. 32, the seventh judge of the criminal circuit sentenced 53 people to seven years and 72 days in prison and the disqualification for the exercise of public functions for three years, once they have fulfilled their term for gang crimes.

The  Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) reported on Friday, that the Superior Court of Appeals revoked the community work of reggae singer Eustacio Guerra Saldaña , better known as El Tachi, and ordered that he serve his prison sentence of 60 months for the offense of possession of an illicit weapon.

Eleven streets of the city were flooded on Saturday afternoon, after a strong storm that began at 1:00 pm.

After 78 minutes, in the stadium of the Russian city of Nizhni Novgorod, it was time for a historic and memorable goal for Panama.

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