Monday 27th February 2023.

February 27, 2023


Former deputy Pedro Miguel González announced this Sunday, that he will run as a presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) .

The announcement was made during an event held by the faction to which he belongs, called the Base Movement for National Rescue.

“We will have to participate in a democratic competition within the party first, but we aspire to generate a campaign of debate and political discussion and proposals,” said González, former PRD secretary.

He was accompanied by a group of community leaders, among other party figures, such as the current Secretary General of the National Assembly, Quibian Panay.

According to González, his political project seeks to rescue Torrijismo. “There are two valuable partners who are going to compete with us, one of them represents the continuity of what we have and the members of the party will decide if they want more of the same or a genuine Torrijo proposal for Panamanian society,” he added.

González was referring to the deputy and president of the Assembly, Crispiano Adames, and vice president José Gabriel Carrizo, who a few weeks ago announced their aspirations for the presidential candidacy for the PRD.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) made an “urgent” call this Sunday, February 26, to resume “good faith” and “redirect the negotiations” of the contract between the Government and Minera Panama.

He indicated that it is key “to conclude these negotiations satisfactorily, bearing in mind that the best interests of the country must be above all else.”

According to the union, for more than two months Panamanians have carefully recorded the limited information provided by both the Government and Minera Panama in the negotiation process that involves them and that generates great repercussions at the national level. “Even when it is a complex issue, there are more and more voices that appeal to the parties to act with maturity and” good faith “, in the process of a satisfactory outcome for the country,” he stressed.

Last Thursday, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI) accused the company Minera Panamá, a subsidiary of the Canadian First Quantum, of creating anxiety among its workers as a pressure mechanism not to sign a new mining contract under the terms agreed on the 17th. January 2022.

With a week to go before the 2023 school year begins, the educational authorities began transferring teachers to areas of difficult access in the country.

On Saturday, for example, 48 educators were transferred by land to the Nicanor community airstrip, from where they boarded aircraft from the National Aeronaval Service (Senan) to be transported by air to Puerto Obaldía, in the Guna Yala region, and Puerto Piña, in the province of Darién.

Meanwhile, another group of 48 teachers were transferred by road to the town of Cartí, to be taken by sea to different communities in the Guna Yala region, reported the Ministry of Education (Meduca).

“This year 2023 we are going with all the strength and enthusiasm to provide quality education at the Puerto Piña school,” said teacher Elizabeth González.

According to Meduca, this Monday, the organization week begins for the more than 48,000 teachers that make up the educational system and the following Monday, March 6, the 2023 school year begins for more than 830,000 students in the official sector. and more than 124 thousand in the individual.

The most valuable historical complex in the Panamanian Caribbean, Portobelo and San Lorenzo, in the province of Colón, has colonial fortresses that need to be recovered.

This site, which was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in 1980, is made up of the colonial forts of Santiago de la Gloria, San Jerónimo and San Fernando, all in Portobelo. It is also made up of the castle of San Lorenzo, which is at the mouth of the mighty Chagres River.

However, since 2012, the Portobelo and San Lorenzo historical monument was included in the list of endangered sites by Unesco, which since then forced the Panamanian State to carry out a series of improvements that are currently in process.

Initially, the Ministry of Culture tendered emergency works in the castle of San Lorenzo; then he called a public act to restore the forts of San Jerónimo and San Fernando, and finally another similar process for improvements in the castle of Santiago de la Gloria.

In the case of San Jerónimo and San Fernando, it was a single public act, but no one presented proposals and it was declared void. Now the cultural entity published two separate tenders, with the aim of carrying out recovery work in both colonial forts.

According to information posted on the Panama Compra portal, the public act for the restoration works of San Fernando will cost $5.6 million and the date for receiving proposals will be March 28.

While in relation to the recovery of San Jerónimo, the cost will be $8 million and offers will be received the next day, March 29. Both projects will be executed with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

In fact, this international financial organization lent $45 million in 2018 to the Ministry of Culture, for the rehabilitation of the Reina Torres de Arauz Anthropological Museum, the Portobelo and San Lorenzo fortifications and the National Theater of Panama.

A bus on the Darién-Panama route, which was transporting 57 migrants to the Los Planes temporary immigration reception station, in Gualaca, Chiriquí province, caught fire early this Saturday, 25 February 2023.

The event occurred at the height of Limón Seco, in Los Ruices, province of Veraguas. No injuries were reported, authorities said. The Ministry of Health explained that medical support or transfer to health facilities was not actually required.

The Veraguas Regional Prosecutor’s Office announced that it is conducting an investigation into this event. Investigative proceedings are being carried out at the site, the institution detailed.

About 10 days ago, another bus that was also transporting migrants from Darién to Chiriquí fell off a cliff near the Gualaca shelter, leaving at least 41 dead and more than twenty injured.

Due to the events that occurred “consecutively”, the Transit and Land Transportation Authority announced that it will carry out a “rigorous” inspection of all vehicles that make that journey. The inspection took place this Sunday, in San Vicente, Metetí (Darién).

In a statement, the entity also stated that the buses destined to transport migrants, from Metetí (Darién) to Gualaca (Chiriquí) have their respective operating certificates and current insurance policy.

With street musicians, shouts and red roses, the members of the women’s soccer team that qualified the country for the first time to a World Cup were received this Sunday.

RPC showed images of joy at the arrival of the girls at the Crowne Plaza hotel in which family members, the team mascot and the coach, the Mexican Ignacio Nacho Quintana, can be seen .

On February 23, these athletes made history. With a header goal by Lineth Cedeño – 22 years old – against Paraguay at the Waikato stadium in New Zealand, Panama got its ticket to the Australia-New Zealand World Cup. This is a sporting feat only comparable to what happened on October 10, 2017 when Román Torres scored the goal against Costa Rica and the local men’s team qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The plane that brought the players landed at 6:15 am, from there they were taken to the hotel. The players were transported in a truck belonging to the Panama Fire Department. Upon arrival at the parking lot of the Rommel Fernández stadium, the soccer players got out of the car amid the cheers of a hall of honor made up of the players of the U17 team that also qualified for the World Cup in Peru.

Panama will face Brazil on July 24, then Jamaica on July 29 and will close the group stage on August 2 against France.


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