Monday 27th September 2021.

September 27, 2021

Patricia Zarate

It is a music Monday but we do have a guest in the last hour but it all music related, Patricia Zarate. Patricia is the founder and the driving force behind the Music Therapy Symposium.

” Celebrating 10 years of the Latin American Music Therapy Symposium”

During the next Panama Jazz Festival, the 10th Latin American Music Therapy Symposium will be held, an avant-garde event that celebrates the therapeutic effects of music with the presence of prominent national and international experts.

The Music Therapy Symposium will be 10 years old and will be held from January 10 to 14, 2022 as part of the educational events of the XIX Panama Jazz Festival. Some 500 people, from musicians to doctors, meet annually to learn about the therapeutic effects of music at different ages and health conditions. As usual, the Symposium will feature guests from Panama, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and many other Latin American and Caribbean countries. Patricia Zárate, Founder of the Symposium mentions that “In these 10 years of existence the Symposium has fulfilled its mission of providing an annual meeting space for music therapists from Latin America to show their research and work.” The Symposium, like the Jazz Festival, will be held in a hybrid way, having a virtual space and a face-to-face space. The face-to-face space will be held at the Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel, the official headquarters of the Panama Jazz Festival and the virtual space can be accessed from the page

Among the guests at the symposium we will have prominent Panamanian doctors and the presence of the Panamanian Association of Music Therapy (APAMU) and its representatives. These will present various important issues for the development of music therapy in Panama, including the work they do supporting the management of the new Music Therapy Law in Panama. This Law aims to regulate the exercise of this professional career and establish the guidelines to make Panama an example of the training and exercise of music therapy in the region. The theme of this next Symposium is Global Music Therapy, and it will be developed through a series of presentations by various music therapists who will explore topics about music therapy in the context of globalization, pandemic, global crisis, among others.

We will also have the presence of academics from music therapy departments from leading universities such as Berklee College of Music in Boston and the presence of specialists, students and scholars from the Specialized University of the Americas UDELAS.

The 10th Latin American Music Therapy Symposium is aimed at people of all ages who are interested in learning about the therapeutic effects of music. Music therapy uses the elements of music (such as song, composition, rhythm, and others) at all ages and health conditions for the improvement of mental and / or physical health. Music therapy is an interdisciplinary health profession that uses music as a tool to achieve therapeutic goals such as the reduction of pain, stress and anxiety, and the development of communication, fine and / or gross motor skills.

The Symposium is held thanks to the Global Music Therapy Center that continues its services virtually during the COVID-19 crisis; the Music Therapy Center of Panama located in the Danilo Pérez Foundation; the Panama Jazz Festival and the support of all the music therapists and health workers who accompany us annually.

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