Monday 2nd November 2020.

November 2, 2020

My guest in the 8 o’Clock hour is Bastian Barnbeck from the Waved Fundacion. Today he talks to us about Elige Tu Camino, a vocational orientation event, founded by Waved and Marka Events, supported by Meduca. Following last years kick off on a regional basis in Las Tablas, this year published nationally, by SERtv’s youth program ‘Conectados’ – a series of 5 live shows every Wednesday live from 8:30-10pm on Channel 11, retransmitted by TVMax on Saturday’s as of 8am, on Mas23tv on Sunday’s as of 8am. Next show will be on Wednesday 11.

It’s an innovative platform which combines motivational and inspirational orientation from Panamanian professionals, with the presence of private, public universities and governmental institutions.

We will be back with you on Friday! Feliz mes de la Patria Panama.

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