Monday 30th August 2021.

August 30, 2021

In the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) this Sunday, it was noted that in the last 24 hours there have been 3 deaths due to Covid-19. With the new deaths, a total of 7,046 accumulated deaths are total, for a lethality of 1.5%. While 441,655 recovered patients are counted. Active cases total 7,965 in the country. In addition, 463 new positive cases were detected, for a cumulative total of 456,666. To date, according to the Minsa, 7,195 tests have been applied, returning a positivity percentage of 6.4%. 7,586 people are reported in home isolation, of which 7,344 are at home and 242 are in the so-called hospital hotels. While 379 are hospitalized, 283 of them are in a ward and 96 are in intensive care units.

As of today Monday, for the provinces of Oeste, Panama Los Santos, Chiriquí, Coclé and Herrera, a curfew will apply, from Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 am to 4:00 am This is stated in Executive Decree No. 831 of August 26, 2021, which was published in the Official Gazette .

Up until yesterday, some 97 thousand people had been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the 8-6 circuit of San Miguelito, where a day of immunization is carried out through the sweeping technique. Yaritzel Ríos, regional director of Health of San Miguelito, visited one of the vaccination centers established in the Omar Torrijos district on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

The debt that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) maintains with the hospital hotels once again exceeded 6 million dollars. Armando Rodríguez, president of the Panamanian Association of Hotels (Apatel), reported that the last payment received by hotels that are used to isolate positive patients for the virus that Covid-19 produces was last January; Since then, the bills have been piling up.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) , one of the main organizations of the private sector, warned about the need to thoroughly review the general budget of the State for 2022, to align it with the national reality and with a sustainable development strategy due to the current socio-economic crisis. The union considers it “crucial” that the State budget be bound by an anti-cyclical fiscal policy, which generates a significant reduction in operating expenses, in order to increase current savings, to finance a reasonable percentage of prioritized public investment. They question the increase in current spending by the National Assembly by $ 29 million in a new fiscal year in which the Legislature is expected to contain its operating expenses and manage resources efficiently.

Those who eventually achieve one of the seven licenses granted by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) for the manufacture and commercialization of medicinal cannabis in Panama, will only be able to do so locally, as they will not be able to export and re-export; In addition, they will have a short period to import, at the beginning of the entry into force of the new standard. This was enshrined in Bill 153, which establishes the medicinal use of cannabis, and which was approved on Thursday in the second debate by the plenary session of the National Assembly.

The National Police (PN) reported this Sunday, on the capture of one of the most wanted people in the country, for his alleged connection with criminal acts that are investigated by the Public Ministry. It is about José Cossio , who had been detained in the Punta Coco prison, in Isla del Rey. However, until now nothing has been known about his release.

After 3:30 pm on Saturday, August 28, in the basement area of ​​the Multiplaza shopping center parking lot (via Israel), a man who resided in the Veranillo area, San Miguelito, was murdered. Preliminary reports show that the victim – identified as Ovidio Castro – was shot in the head; he was known as Tulip.

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