Monday 4th July 2016. Things that show you could be smarter than you think.

July 4, 2016

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Quiet Monday morning, we were having David Young joining us but due to a leaky bathroom ceiling (ours not his) we postponed for tomorrow. What we do have for you this morning great music going through from 7am to 10am, also a look at eight things that could show that you are smarter than average!

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Speaking on Friday to the nation after serving two years in office, President Juan Carlos Varela warned the country’s politicians to be careful of who they listened to when making decisions about the future of the country.

On Friday, the Panamanian businessman Abdul Waked signed a trust to yield Soho Mall’s management to creditor banks.

Yesterday, the Panama Chamber of Commerce urged the National Assembly to make the discussion of changes to the public procurement law a priority in the legislative session that began Friday.

The Democratic Change (CD) party will expel the 15 deputies who voted against the party line in the elections of the National Assembly Board on Friday, announced the CD in a statement.

In his state of the union address on Friday, President Juan Carlos Varela said that food prices are stable, but official figures tell a different story.

The credit card debt in the national banking system amounted to $1,781 million in April 2016, according to a report by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama.

The Authority for Urban and Household Sanitation of Panama (AAUD) held yesterday morning a garbage collection operation in the neighborhood of Juan Diaz. The cleanup day began in the early hours of the morning.

1,272 packages of cocaine and a boat were seized, and three Colombians arrested as the result of an operation in Panamanian waters, said the Public Ministry.

Yesterday, the Olympic race was held on the Cinta Costera 3 amid the celebration of Olympic Day.


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