Monday 5th April 2021.

April 5, 2021

The Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) reported that Panama registered 304 new cases of COVID-19 , raising the number of infections of the virus in the country to 356,377.  According to the epidemiological report for this Sunday, in the last 24 hours there have been 4 new deaths, increasing deaths from coronavirus to 6,135. The lethality of the virus is 1.7%. To date, 4,934 tests have been applied, for a percentage of positivity of 6.1% and 345,493 patients recovered from COVID-19 have been reported in the country. Active cases total 4,749. In home isolation, 4,261 people are reported, of which 4,031 are in their homes and 230 in hotels. While 488 patients are hospitalized and of them 421 are in the wards and 61 in the intensive care units (ICU).

Of 103 tests applied to visitors to the beach of Veracruz (Arraiján), between Friday and Saturday, 20 were positive with Covid-19, confirmed the Metropolitan Health Region. According to the epidemiological report, these cases were detected as part of the Easter operation that was carried out in various sectors. Between Good Friday and Glory Saturday, random swab tests were also applied to travelers at the transport terminal and at the Albrook mall; the 111 samples carried out were negative.

In the last week, the highest incidence of new cases of Covid-19 have been registered in townships in the interior of the country, with two sectors of the province of Veraguas having the most positive results  recently. According to the report issued yesterday by the Ministry of Health (Minsa), the veragüense townships of Santiago with 17 and Soná with 10, were the ones that reported the most infections.

In the report presented by the Ministry of Security this Saturday, it was detailed that the operations carried out by the National Police between the1st and 3rd of April led to 267 captures (81 through judicial reports, 28 caught red-handed, 135 detained for administrative offenses, 22 arrests for micro-trafficking and 3 for drug trafficking). In addition, in the “Road Safety Easter 2021” operation, there was a total of 5 thousand 19 sanctioned drivers reported, of which 1,806 received violations for speeding, 109 for proven drunkenness, 19 for alcoholic breath, 368 for driving vehicles with inadequate lights, 50 penalized for talking on a cell phone and 22 drivers with expired licenses.

Since the weekend operation began commemorating Holy Week, the Panama Fire Department has attended at least 200 emergencies. Between the first day, last Thursday, April 1, and 6:00 am, this Sunday, April 4, the Firefighters preliminarily reported that they gave assistance to 208 emergencies, the highest incidence were fire cases totaling of 144, pre-hospital care followed with 39 and rescue operations with 25.

The Superior Court of Appeals , made up of Yiles Pittí, Donaji Arosemena and Adilio González, confirmed the decision of a guarantee judge to return the Lamborghini that businessman Tony Ng was driving when he was apprehended in February 2020, as part of a process for alleged money laundering.

Bll 264 which proposed seeking the creation of new centers specialized in equine therapy, was approved in third debate by the plenary session of the National Assembly. Beneficiaries of this proposal will all be people who suffer a functional, temporary or permanent alteration in their physical, mental or sensory faculties, congenitally or acquired. It is made clear that therapy horses intended for these practices may not be used for other non-therapeutic activities.

Trumpeter Vitin Paz

The Catholic community celebrated Easter for the second consecutive year in a different way due to the new coronavirus pandemic that affects the whole world.

The renowned Panamanian trumpeter Vitín Paz , died at 88 years of age, it was confirmed this Saturday, April 3.

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